Anyone ever had dealings with EBay seller Authenticities?

  1. I won an auction on EBay a bit of time ago for an oversized YSL Muse, at a significant price (about 3/4 of retail). Now, the auction stated "authentic" and the pictures looked kosher to me.

    I paid, waited and waited, finally got the item. It not only was a different size than auction stated (large, not oversized), but it was a FAKE too -- bad leather, awful interior, completely not what the auction stated or pictured! I emailed the seller and days later, got a response that he was sorry for the mistake, that I should send it back for a refund. I get an email four days later, telling me that he hadn't received my item and that, as stated in the auction, item must be returned w/i three days - which was impossible, since he took that long just to get back to me - or no refund whatsoever.

    Recourse, ladies? Should I wait til he gets the item and continue dealing with him, or should I file an EBay complaint immediately and forego nice-ities with the seller? Which way would I have a better chance of recovering my $ (I did not pay thru PayPal! :o( ).

    FYI, the seller has a very good EBay record, but there were more than a few complaints of fakes.

    Thanks! I really appreciate your input!
  2. Do you have a tracking number or signature confirmation for the bag that you have returned to the seller ? Because in that way, you can prove that he has already received the bag.
  3. I'm sos orry this happened to you. Good luck.
  4. Oh dear. Paypal would have been your best bet. Could you post the item?
    You can also file an "item significantly not as described" complaint with eBay. I'm not sure how effective eBay is with these cases though. How good is the seller's feedback? 100%? If so that's so dodgy. The other alternative is to leave them -ve and hope they offer you a refund so that you will remove the -ve. Good luck.
  5. You should first check if he received the item adn then file an ebay complaint. sellers like that always weasel in a fake with their pos feedback. if you paid with credit card, try to talk to the company and do a chargeback. I know you mention you did not use paypal but hopefully it was another cc method! Good luck!!!
  6. Hi. Thanks all!

    The seller has a pretty significant rating: 99.7% with about 1200 transactions. A closer look at the transactions, though and I found that there were QUITE a number of negative feedback that advised of the seller dealing in fakes that were withdrawn, so I suppose the seller eventually made right on those items -- but not before it got nasty. There are others, however, that were never withdrawn.

    I'm hoping I'll be one of the "lucky" ones and get my $ back.

    Just goes to show you that EBay ratings and policies don't necessarily mean a thing if someone who deals with fakes can carry on for sooooo long without retribution. :sad:

    I'll let you know how it all goes!
  7. To see all the negative and neutral feedback w/o skimming thru the 1000's transactions, use Toolhaus and just enter the sellers ebay username. Hope you can get your money back. People like that don't deserve to sell on ebay! You should definitely report him for the bait and switch.