Anyone ever had bespoke jewellery made in dubai?

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  1. Hi there
    I am looking to have a ring custom made for me. I live in the UK and have a few quotes from UK jewellers but I also remember a thread on here about buying jewellery from Dubai... and that has led me to think about maybe having it made there. It will be white gold with pave diamonds.

    I have contacted a few Dubai jewellers (recommended via posts on Tripadvisor and some dubai expat forums) and they are all providing excellent quotes compared to UK.

    I am still measuring up the pros and cons of doing this - but in the meantime, does anyone have any personal experience, horror stories or comments they would like to share? And any recommendations of jewellers in Dubai?

    Forgot to add - I wont be going to Dubai so if I did commission a jeweller, it would be communication via email and phone. I do have lots of photos of the ring I want.

    Many thanks
  2. Do you have to pay any duty or other tax to bring it in from Dubai to the UK which would make buying it in the UK more cost efficient?
  3. Thanks Atty2de. Yes, I've thought about that. One of the jewellers in Dubai that has quoted me has said that they will provide a receipt that says I have purchased it previously and am sending it back for repair, so I would only have to pay tax on repair, rather than full cost of ring. Does this sound viable?
  4. I am based in Dubai and have a jeweller who custom made and cleaned my jewelry. If interested, I can give you his contacts. :smile:
  5. oo yes please lightpinkdaisy. Will PM you now.
  6. Hi Light Pink Daisy, would you mind giving me the contact for the jeweller in dubai? any specific feedback onyour custom making exp will be appreciated.

    Looking fwd to hearing from you ;)
  7. hi I am interested in getting custom jewellery made in dubai too... how was your exp? can you recommend good authentic jewellers, I am not based in dubai myself.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  8. I have a necklace, bracelet and ring from Dubai. Very satisfied, great diamond quality, great prices. I had it make but picked it up myself while I was there. I think the name was Cara, I would have to double check.
  9. Hello, I can recommend Cara too - I had had quite a few pieces recycled back in Feb. If you search for my thread there are lots of photos!
  10. Hi
    I had a wonderful experience - thanks to the lovely Lightpinkdaisy :smile: - if you PM me, I can give you the details of the jeweller I ended up going with

  11. Hi Neena, unfortunately as i am new member this forum does not allow me to send a PM.. would you mind emailing me instead?
    My email address is

    I am looking forward in hearing your exp and getting the contact,

    Thanks so much.
  12. Hey twitspie, Thanks for much i searched for your thread, indeed they recycled your ear drops well..I like their work.

    I will google Cara up in dubai and maybe email them to know further.

    Thanks so much..once i know more i will definately share the deisgn ;)
  13. PBI... what does bespoke mean?
  14. Bespoke means tailor-made to buyers specification.

    What does PBI mean?
  15. Have emailed you with the details :smile: