anyone ever had an abnormal pap smear?

  1. Because my doc just called and said mine was abnormal. They said that the next step was to look up there with a special scope and put a solution on the cervix that would show any abnormal cells. I know this is not uncommon but I am so worried.:sad: :shrugs:
  2. I had an abnormal result years ago (like 10-15 years ago) and nothing ever came of it. They did a repeat exam and test three months later and it was normal. Don't worry - it could be so many things and most of them aren't serious! :yes:
  3. The gf just had one. They took a pinch sample to send off, but it came back fine. We did research on it, and really, it's rather common to have an abnormal pap, so don't get too worked up over it. ;)
  4. I have an abnormal pap every time I go; it's so annoying. Then they do a colposcopy and tell me nothing's wrong. My doctor told me not to worry about it.
  5. I just had my first abnormal one and have been getting yearly paps for 8 years. I was negative for HPV so I just go in for my routine pap in a year and will see what happens. If you are negative for HPV, my husband, who is a medical student, said not to worry about it! Additionally, if you have been getting yearly paps, and have a positive one, even if you do have some abnormal cells, it is NOT a big deal if they catch it on your yearly. If I remember correctly, my husband said that cervical cancer is very slow to develop, so if they catch it on your annual exam and you have been going yearly, it has not been going on for too long. They can take care of it with a colpo (where they remove the abnormal cells). It shouldn't be life threatening by any stretch of the imagination!
  6. Thanks!! you guys made me feel so much better.:smile:
  7. It is quite common, sometimes the sample just gets messed up in the lab. If your gyno/GP hasn't found any condyloma or anything on the outside, you are probably totally fine.
  8. I have. It's very common - don't worry! It usually clears up on its own.
  9. While abnormal paps are not uncommon, it is very important to always follow up on them and to never allow a doctor to brush them off.

    When I was in my twenties, I had an abnormal pap.

    I had had to switch doctors due to a change in insurance. The new doctor dismissed it and said there was no reason to re-check for a year. As this was different from my previous experience with an abnormal pap, I was concerned.

    I called my previous doctor. She did some research..talked to a gynecological oncologist...and said it was very important to get re-checked in three months. My new doctor refused, so I simply made an appointment with a different gyn in the same clinic. I explained my situation to him and he was in total agreement.

    I had cervical cancer.

    And while cervical cancer is typically slow-growing...mine had progressed in those three months. Also, my first check-up after the cryotherapy showed progression.

    Since my experience, SOME of the medical community has decided that women can wait as long as three years between paps, as long as their paps are normal. Pap smears are easy and relatively inexpensive. I am an advocate of erring on the side of caution and having yearly paps. (I frankly feel that often these 'recommendations' are more motivated by financial concerns by insurance companies than anything else).

    I had a normal pap and a year later, I had a major problem. Had I waited three years....

    Abnormal paps are usually nothing. But with Pap smears, we have an excellent opportunity to catch cancer in its early stages. I am an advocate of using this tool.
  10. I also had an abnormal reading once. I had to follow up with 2 colposcopies and after that point I went back to normal readings. I've been "normal" for several years now.

    Generally speaking, I've read that abnormalities clear up by themselves 70% of the time. The body naturally fights the abnormal cells.