Anyone ever had a skin tag or a mole removed?

  1. I've had a mole removed before. In my case, they just numbed the area and cut it off.

    I've remove a couple skin tags myself, not huge one mind you. There's not even a scar.
  2. I have skin tags removed w/ a laser when they grow on my forehead! One is under my eye but way too painful to remove!
  3. Usually I have the dermatologist remove the moles so they can be tested. Once I had the dr. remove a skin tag, and I thought I can do that myself.

    If there's any question about it being benign or not, I go to the doctor.
  4. I'm scheduled to go in a couple weeks- mine is deep and requires a plastic surgeon.

    I'm scared :crybaby:
  5. i had a skin tag removed on my neck a year ago... i kid you not, my dermatologist just cut it off.. as in snip snip with a scissor.. he then applied a cream, slapped on a band aid and sent me on my way.. it was quick and not that painful since it was a small tag..
  6. I removed a skin tag by myself one time with minimal scarring.
  7. I had the same thing. Mine were tiny... very small. It didn't hurt a bit. She just snipped them off. But my dr. told me this story (probably not very professional, but she didn't name names) and I was so grossed out. She said there was a lady that had the big ones that had to be burned off... I guess she was quite overweight and had A LOT to be removed... well, it set off the smoke detector/fire alarm in the office because of all the smoke from how much she was burning off with the liquid nitrogen!! She said it smelt like burning flesh and it was horrible. Oh goodness, poor lady!!
  8. I've had several moles removed by a doc. I only have 1 skin tag and it's in my left armpit, it doesn't bother me and hasn't grow in years so I leave it be. It's actually the same spot that my dad has a skin tag!! :p

    My fh gets skin tags all the time and he snips his off with finger nail clippers.
  9. All laser! *painful* ...

    The one on my eyelid had to be surgically snipped off though~
  10. I have had a couple small ones I pinched and they came off. I however had a big one on my butt that I had my OB/GYN remove. Talk about painful and embarassing! And I'm talking it was like right in there, by my actual you-know-what! The shot she gave me to numb it hurt like hell but after that I felt nothing. She just cut it off and told me to keep it clean and it healed up.
  11. My FIL used to remove his by tying cotton around them and they fell off!!
  12. OUCH!!!!
  13. I have skin tags on my neck. They're pretty small but still quite annoying. I remember scrubbing my neck with my loofa and it got tangled. It turned dark after two days and fell right off.
  14. I was forced to have a huge mole removed when I was 15. It was right on my temple and loose too, it was gross! They froze it off, it was such a weird sensation and after we left the doctor's office the pain of having intense cold right on your temple finally sunk in. Auuuugh.
  15. As for moles, they have to be surgically removed for testing and some on them can be quite deep.
    Skin tags can just be snipped off.... I have some small cuticle scissors and they work great...
    I wipe them down with alcohol, snip the skin tags (they can bleed quite a bit for a couple minutes...just keep pressure on them) wipe that down real good with alchohol and that's it!!!! There gone...
    I get a few on my neck.... cannot stand them.....

    good luck with whatever you have!