Anyone ever had a skin biopsy?

  1. I had a skin biopsy today at the dermatologist - it was a little unexpected but it didn't hurt when I had it done as they gave me a local - but now I changed the dressing and it is bleeding and hurts a ton! I don't really know if it's bleeding more than it should but it was a small area and I have three band-aids on it and I can see it starting to soak through. It's on my lower leg so I'm trying to elevate it above heart level to keep the bleeding to a minimum, but it's freaking me out a bit. Perhaps I'm overreacting but should I be concerned? Has anyone else had a skin biopsy and can tell me that this is normal?
  2. It will sting for a day or so, until the biopsy site has healed over...
    Keep it dry and change the band aid frequently if it becomes saturated...normally it will ooze a bit the first day, but it should be better after that...
  3. I had one on the bottom of my third toe (go figure...leave it to me to have some random spot in such a weird area) anyway, it did bleed alot the first few days. Because of the location it took FOREVER to heal. You are doing all the right things. Hang in there!
  4. iv had a few skin biopsys and i think generally if they are taken from an area with not much fat they do bleed quite a bit (not sure why). the last one i had stung like mad for a day or so but after that i forgot all about it.
  5. I've had one but I had stitches so it didn't bleed much.
    hope it gets better soon :flowers:
  6. It will itch too.... but it heals pretty quick. Hang in there
  7. I have had one, and didn't really have any pain to speak of, but this happened after I was already taking so much stuff for neuropathy that it would have to be some pretty severe pain for me to feel it.

    You should definitely give your dermopod a call and let them know you are having pain and bleeding!
  8. i have had about half a dozen done, maybe more, and i've never experienced too much bleeding. the amount and duration of bleeding does depend on the site, but if its very painful as well, i would definitely call the dermatologist to double check everything is okay! it couldnt hurt!
  9. Make sure to keep it bandaged - especially on the leg which constantly rubs clothing - after about a week it should feel ok.
  10. Well, just an update - leg is doing fine, it was a precancerous sunspot, it's removed and I just need to monitor my skin and go for a yearly checkup. Also lots of SPF for my ghastly white skin! I'm just relieved it's not cancer.
  11. Glad your results are ok! Shame that everything we enjoy comes with a price tag!