Anyone ever had a breast biopsy?

  1. I posted a little while back that I'd discovered a lump in my breast. I got my OB to check it and she did an ultrasound, and everything seemed to check out fine. Then I recieved a call that she wanted me to see a surgeon about it, just to be safe. My DH and I went today and the lump is still there. The surgeon gave me two options: one, to monitor the lump for a few months and see if it goes away; or two, go ahead and get a biopsy and get it out. We have decided to get the biopsy, for peace of mind. I'm young so the chances are slim it's cancerous, but with my family history they said it's better to be safe.

    Anyone with any experience with this? It seems fairly easy and not too complicated. I'd love to hear from anyone who can relate! :yes: thanks a bunch!
  2. Hi! I had the same thing happen. I was 22 and I found a lump. They did an ultrasound and it seemed non-cancerous. I also decided to go for the surgery-- the surgeon said hormones might make the lump get bigger (especially during pregnancy). The surgery went very smoothly and it really didn't hurt that much afterwards. I had an inner ear infection that was MUCH more painful. The scar was small and it healed well. I know any surgery is scary, but it is nice to have the lump out of there. It was definitely worth it! Good luck!
  3. I've had it twice - once in college and once in my early 20's. Both times lumps were found in both breasts. The surgeries from two different doctors both went really well and easy. I wasn't worried or scared both times because they told me it was non-cancerous. I was in the hospital for like four hours, tops. It's best to get it outta there, I say! Good luck and keep us updated!
  4. I just had a breast lump removed on January 30. From the ultrasound, they thought it was probably okay, but without taking it out, it's impossible to tell for sure, so I opted to have it taken out. The procedure went very well. I was under "conscious sedation," which means I was totally unaware of the procedure going on, but I was able to wake up quickly after it was over. I had no problems at all, just some mild pain the first day or two. My results came back negative. The surgeon had said he didn't like the looks of the lump when it came out, but the labs came back fine. Now I've got a lovely scar, but really it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

    Hope you have a good outcome as well. I think like 80% of breast lumps turn out to be nothing to worry about. Keep us posted.
  5. These stories are really comforting gals-- thank you so so much!
  6. i'd say get it out, because on the slight chance that it MAY be cancerous, a few months can make a big difference in the kind of treatment you need and the likelihood of becoming and staying cancer-free. lots of women get lumps and the overwhelming majority are nothing to worry about, but you can never be too safe.
  7. You are totally right, Amanda-- thanks for the reminder. The biopsy is scheduled for next Tuesday :yes:
  8. Best of luck TTucker.
  9. It's actually been moved now to next Thursday... my sweet DH AND my Dad want to take me :love: Would love your prayers and good thoughts then! THanks a bunch!
  10. My prayers and thoughts with you:heart: . I had a biopsy a while back. While I find it rather painful, it was well worth the piece of mind!
  11. Will definetely keep you in my thoughts and prayers!
  12. Just as an update, I had the surgery Thursday and we got the results of the biopsy yesterday: benign tumor!!! Yay! :yahoo:!

    Thanks for all the well-wishes, you have no idea how much it meant to me!
  13. ^^ great news!! phew!!
  14. Yay! So glad everything is fine. :party:
  15. Great! I had breast cancer at 40, so I was anxious to see how things would turn out. Good news, indeed!