Anyone ever got a counterfeit item from Amazon?

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  1. Hello tPF ladies, I was hoping some of you might have an experience to share.

    I am looking into buying a GHD iron after all the rave reviews on here, and I found one I want on Amazon. The price is lower than Sephora, but not so low that it makes me think it's a fake. The seller has good feedback too, but I'm just paranoid because it's a lot of money for me!

    So, I'm thinking of buying it and then if it's a counterfeit, I assume Amazon has a good return policy for things like that? Also, does anyone know if the 2-year warranty on the MKIV stylers is dependent on where you purchase from? ie, even if it's authentic, can GHD refuse to honor it because I bought it on Amazon?

    TIA everyone! And mods, if this is the wrong section, feel free to move me :yes:
  2. Amazon offers a pretty decent return policy but since you're purchasing from a buyer and not directly from Amazon, it doesn't apply.

    Buying from a seller on Amazon is pretty much like buying something from someone off ebay. Most people selling on Amazon usually have a section about their return policy. Look into that and make sure you can return the item if you aren't satisfied with it.

    Personally, I've bought things from sellers with good feedback on Amazon and haven't had any problems. Hope this helps!
  3. Third parties definitely sell fakes. I even got a fake fendi wallet sold BY amazon a few years ago, you never know. And I think amazon was selling fake burberry umbrellas also.
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    hm, okay, good to know. I thought that Amazon stood behind their sellers a bit more than eBay, but I'm not sure why i thought that.

    I already checked their return policies, but they don't have it posted, so I emailed them my concerns. I'm waiting for their response, but it hasn't been long, I'm just impatient! :P

    Thanks for your responses though ladies, one made me feel better and one made me feel worse! I guess I'll wait for a few more replies and to hear back from the seller before I make a decision.
  5. yes.. because they have sellers much like ebay.
  6. if you question it... just go out and buy it at a reputable store and pay regular price.... you'll probably be happy with it! and if not...well then you can easily return it with no worries. sometimes things just aren't worth "getting the best deal"
  7. GHD will not honor the warranty if you purchase it from Amazon - Amazon might have their own warranty though.

    They will honor the warranty if it is purchased from Sephora.