Anyone ever go to the Woodbury Lesportsac outlet? because...

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  1. I have off tomorrow and I've decided to drive the 2 hours up there to see what bags they have! I already emailed them and they said they had Foresta and Inferno there. Has anyone been there before and do you think it would be worth the drive?
  2. I haven't personally been there, but there was an article in Saturday's NY Post ranking the outlets in the tri-state area and Woodbury Commons was ranked #1. The article also had two pictures of Tokidoki inferno bags and said that the LeSportsac outlet was not to be missed for great buys.

    Happy shopping- and definitely let us know if you get anything!
  3. I was just there last Friday, and I went into the Lesportsac store.....I'm sorry I don't know the names of all the prints, but I do not remember seeing the Foresta print there, I could be wrong, but I do not remember seeing it.

    They didn't have much from Tokidoki there...unless they are putting out more bags....on Friday there wasn't much.
  4. Ooh, let me know what they have in inferno! Especially dolces or mamma mias...

    Woodbury is pretty good in general, too. Find the website for Chelsea Premium Outlets and sign up -- you can get coupons.
  5. EEK!! Oh really? The whole reason I'd go was for the older season Tokidoki bags! So you really don't think I should go? I was hoping they'd have tons of them. :sad:
  6. you could always give them a call first. :smile: you can actually buy over the phone. we did that before to get a matching bag for my weekender.
  7. Call them in the morning and ask them specifically what they have out on the floor for sale.......I hate to do a phone order because of the placement of the characters...I always think they send out the crappy ones!!!!
  8. That's why I was gonna just drive up there to see, but if you said there wasn't much there...I guess I'll call first. :sad:
  9. I went to woodbury outlet 2-3 weeks ago and at that time, they had playground (mostly bella bella), cammos, inferno, and paradiso.
  10. Azumie, did they have a good collection? I'm looking to get a Stellina or Mamma Mia in any of those prints except Paradiso...I'd rather have a Foresta. My whole goal is to have a bag in each print, and right now I have Citta Rosa, Pirata, and Adios.
  11. When I was there, I didnt see foresta at all (I was planning on getting foresta too :crybaby: ). The bella bella playground has good print placement. As for inferno and paradiso, I only saw a couple on display, I'm not sure whether they had more in storage. If i remember correctly, for paradiso - bella, luna, stellina, buon. for inferno - luna, canguro, buon, ciao ciao, nuvola. They had caramella to but i cant remember in which prints.
  12. Thank you so much for letting me know! I do think I'll call first before I drive 2 hours up there. The Bella Bella sounds nice...I'll ask if they have one still!
  13. Good luck, let us know what happens!!
  14. good luck! I hope they have foresta for you!! The only place I see it is eBay!!
  15. I have never been but please let me know if they have anything good left in the playground print, I am looking for anything in a smaller bag... !!!