Anyone Ever Give Burnished Leather a Bath???

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  1. I bought a burnished leather camel ergo hobo a while back on eBay. When it arrived it came boxed up, stuffed with and surrounded by NEWSPAPER! You can only imagine how much of the ink from the newspaper tranferred onto the lining AND the outside of this bag. I turned the lining inside out and soaked it with oxy-clean and water and scrubbed it. It came out OK, but the stitching on the outside of the bag is still dingy looking, as is the bag in general. I feel that it won't be truly clean until I give it a bath. I have bathed a Legacy Crescent with success, but it wasn't burnished leather, and I don't know if I can expect the leather to react the same way as the other bag. Has anyone ever tried this and how did it come out? Any tips for me? TIA!
  2. Anyone???
  3. A couple of things that I've done to clean my Coach bags(and I have quite a few) is take a sudsy cloth(a mild soap like dove works) and just wipe the bag down, then take a clean damp cloth and go over it. Then let it air dry. When the bag is dry, condition it. It should be okay.:tup:
  4. Maybe I will try this rather than soaking the whole thing...I'm just not sure that it will really get all of the stitching clean this way, it is really so grimy! I am so tempted to give it a soak in the bath, but I do love the bag grime and all and don't want to ruin it.