Anyone ever get the wrong item from Still waiting for Holiday Patchwork!!


Dec 11, 2006
I don't live anywhere near a Coach boutique, so I ordered my Holiday Patchwork duffle from I ordered it Sunday Dec 17th, and it was supposed to be sent out on Monday. It wasn't sent out until Wednesday, and I received a box from Coach on Thursday. It wouldn't have been a problem, BUT I RECEIVED THE WRONG BAG!!!!!!! :cursing:

I wanted to enjoy my Holiday Patchwork for a few days before the Holidays! Now it is supposed to arrive on Saturday and I have to return the other bag, (a cute Khaki Sig Small Flap). I was outraged! :wtf: I understand that mistakes happen, but don't you think that they would be more careful this close to Christmas? What if this were a gift? And the 2 designs don't even look anything like each other! What will Coach do to make up for this? :crybaby: I went from TOTAL BLISS to complete disappointment. I know that I might be a little shallow about this, but I really expected more from Coach. If they had sent out my bag when they said they were going to, I would have gotten the replacement already!
Imso sorry about what happened. At least you have something to look forward to tomorrow! Once when i ordered from Coach i had no idea they even got my order until i saw my mom signed for it when i came home from work! I guess it is just very busy for them.
In early November, I ordered a bangle, the small hoop earrings and the large hoop earrings online. I asked for overnight delivery and when I didn't receive an email confirmation, I called CS. I found out that the order was put in with regular shipping. When I finally got the jewelry, I was sent TWO pairs of small hoop earrings but the invoice said one pair small hoop and one pair large hoop. I took the extra pair to my local Coach boutique and had them send the earrings back. I received my large hoops about two days later.

That was the first and only time I have ordered from

I'm guessing they are pretty busy during this time of the year but STILL... those bags look nothing alike!!
aw, everyone screws up and mistakes are made. just take it with a grain of salt. just think how much more you'll love that bag when you finally DO get it!
Well, it arrived this morning!!! Finally! :yahoo: This wouldn't have been so bad if the bag was shipped out when they said it would be, and if it wasn't so close to the holidays. I will be seeing relatives and friends, you know, I didn't want to miss a chance to show off my new bag!! :shame: Here is a pic of the new addition!


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yea, you don't want a mistake when you pay that kind of money and are expecting it on time, but I agree with the whole grain of salt thing. I see both points of view, and if I were in your shoes, I would have been angrily posting too, because this is the place to vent over our obsessions.
glad it all worked out.