Anyone ever get imperfections on their LV?

  1. Was there anything you ever recieved or bought from LV that was damaged or had imperfections?

    I figure since they are so well made that this does not occur often.
  2. I did, not a biggie but the 35 my BF got me....the leaf part where the lock hangs is leaning to one side and the zipper pull is loose. It slides left and right along with the button that holds it. We are getting it exchanged. My 40 doesn't have an imperfection to my knowledge.
  3. No, not so far, but I only have one LV right now. I have had it for many years, and it is still in unbelievably great condition. I have used it regularly. I think it is one of the most durable and best quality handbags I have ever owned.
  4. I never had a problem and I bought quite a few things.
  5. After Time, But Very Little If Any.
  6. i did! i got myself wait listed for a zippy wallet and i was so excited because it had so many credit card compartments and was ideal for travel, but when i finally received and purchased it all the credit card compartments were stretched, as if they had been pulled or something! i was so upset that i returned it and had to wait for another to come in, but it was practically the same! needless to say i've given up on the zippy and i'm now waiting for a new wallet to be produced that i equally love!
  7. I just sent my bag in for the second time.
    The hardware was not functioning properly.

    They actually sent me the bag and once I got it-the lv was dirty from repairs in Cali.

    So off it went again this week back to Lv and hopefully they can accomodate me. Should be interesting.....:evil:
  8. my desk agenda's monogram alignment is slightly off.. i noticed one of the star fleurs on the top, got more and more cut off as i went down to the bottom.. but it's off by like.. 3mm. it's not enough to notice unless i pointed it out.. and for that, i see it everytime i look at it now. haha. same with the alignment on my porte valeurs, but it's all done and gone now. oh well. i really don't care as long as i bought it at the boutique, i know it's good.
  9. When I got my speedy, the paint they use on the handles had bled a little. Not enough to bother me or to really notice. I think when something is hand made there are bound to be small imperfections from time to time.
  10. My perfo speedy had a tiny little scratch on one of the LV's. A few of the circular, gold hardware bulbs (not sure what they are called exactly) had scratches. The bag was BRAND NEW....:wacko:
  11. I have had a few my CB pap had a screw missing from the lock, on my le tal one of the studs fell off after a week and my white doctors bag had some yellowing on it....these were all brand new bags that had never been used.
  12. My padlock was scratched (in two places!) when I bought my speedy, but eluxury just sent me a new one, so now I have two!
  13. Wow I didn't realize that so many of you had minor problems like that. :sad2: Sorry to hear that
  14. ^^ It's all minor stuff that any other dsigner bag would have. It doesn't bother me. I take it back and they exchange it for one that doesn't have the imperfection.
  15. Yup, sometimes they have imperfections. My cellphone & spectacle case had the imperfection mostly the sealant along the edges which I didn't notice until a few weeks later. I'm usually anal about my handbags & accessories so it had to be when I purchased it. Needless to say, they fixed it for FREE. I now inspect every detail of LV I purchase from the boutique.