Anyone ever get a returned item from NM? Need help!

  1. I just received my "whiskey" colored paddington. When I opened the box I was sorely disappointed. It was "thrown in the dustcover, unzipped. It had something white on it (came off) and the lock was unwrapped. It had NO tags, no circular or card. The key was so loose it was almost off. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I am wondering if it's even authentic.

    Is this typical of NM? It's my first order from their store (not NMLC). Arrgh! I want to keep it, but I am so disappointed.

    When I called to inquire they said I could only return it. They didn't offer me a discount. I know another poster got the same bag and said it was "muscade" not whiskey. I agree that it is. She didn't say whether or not her bag was new or a return. Should I keep it? :confused1:

    EDIT to add: I even spoke with a supervisor, so no calling back. I haaaate NM they are soooo rude. She was a total biatch! She even accused me of lying when I told her one of their sales assistants told me I could get 10% off for opening a new account. The only reason I opened an account was to save it. That is most likely why they won't further discount it. I did save 10% off the internet price, but its a dang return.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. uhmmmm call headquarters, some salespeople are very very rude, you can go higher than her and report to them and tell them the name of the person your spoke with or call back to complain, just don't let it go till they tell you something you want to hear.......i just had a recent incident i was so livid.... i bought an mj metallic purple venetia and it had like a small bit of glue with some fibers stuck to it... they were trying to act like i was lying and the bag arrived in a beat up box, which did not look like it was done by shipping..... it had tags in it, but the bag was unstuffed and looked like it was just thrown in the dustbag and then thrown in box and shipped off, i paid 590$ for the bag a 65% off discount, but still i called complained and they refunded me 30$ to send bag off to have the glue removed. it wasn't huge but i was satisfied with it. good luck and let us know what happens. nm is usually muc better and when my chloe came with a tiny spot of the leather off, i called and they refunded 60$ to have a profesional guy fix it..... you just need to speak to someone whounderstands the concept of customer service. i'm rooting for ya!
  3. Hi,

    I bought the Prada Antic Cervo from and when I received it, it was clearly used as well. There was dust and even what seemed to be cigarette ashes in the seams of the zip-top area of the purse. Inside the purse were stains and it was completely stretched out from use.

    I wanted this purse *so* bad, probably just like you that I was almost willing to keep it. But it killed me that I had paid full price for it. So I called up NM and they were not helpful at all, just told me to return it and they'd pay for return shipping. I ended up returning it to the store, and I lucked out *big* time - they had one on the shelf. That was pure luck because this bag was sold out for a while.

    Don't even think about keeping it. We work too hard for our money to throw it away on someone elses' used and abused stuff! You will find another one, don't worry. I know it's hard to do, but just put it back in the box and either ship it back or return in person. You can make a bigger deal out of it and talk to a supervisor, maybe they can help you locate another. Doubtful, but maybe.

    Best of luck... and don't keep it. :flowers:
  4. That's disgraceful!
  5. Thanks Aggie. I've been looking it over closely and some of the hardware is scratched. I think it's going back. I will give myself a day or so to think about it. I'm so mad though, I really wanted this bag. It's one thing to buy a "used" bag, knowingly. I have to ask myself if I would have paid $953 for a bag on eBay. This one has probably been carried at least once or twice and then returned. The white stuff on it looked like toothpaste.

    I don't know how easily these scratch, but one of the square pieces at the base of the handle is very very scratched. I wonder if this is typical for a new bag. Maybe I'm expecting too much? Nah..

    Sorry about your experience, I'm glad you got a satisfactory response. I don't know how much farther up I could go since I actually spoke with a supervisor.
    BTW...The supervisor I spoke with actually said "you told us that someone supposedly offered you a 10% discount to open an account". I said, wait a your choice of words should I assume you are calling me a liar? She said....well we don't offer a 10% discount for opening an account. That's when I lost it and told her off. I told her I would write to headquarters to complain about her calling me a liar. It would most likely be a big waste of time though.
  6. OMG:wtf::wtf::wtf:
    Wow, now that's really bad. I think your post just put me over the top. I'm going to send it back. I'm glad you found one. I'd rather pay a few hundred extra dollars and bang the darn thing up myself.!!;)
  7. I agree with padparasha! You spent way too much money to get a used bag. You should return it.I'm sure something else will come up on tpf. Is your heart set on a whiskey paddy? You could also try calling the Nordstrom rack stores. They seem to have paddys from time to time.
  8. Wow, that's wild!!! If I were you I would return - are you still within the 30 day return period?

    I was the one thats been writing some posts about the "Whiskey" FP paddy from NM that ended up being Muscade. Surprisingly, I got a brand new came with the lock still wrapped up.

    If you are questioning the authenticity, please post pics & I'll watch for them and compare to my bag.
  9. Ugh, definitely keep complaining...Some CS people seriously are not meant to be in CS, they don't know how to deal w/ people...

    And ask them how it is that they will accept an obviously used bag from one customer, and when it is bought by another unassuming customer (who then rightfully complains about said bag) THAT customer is hassled.... That's so unfair...Sorry this happened to you.
  10. I have had this happen twice with NM sale bags. I got a miu miu tote during the last call blow out and after I pulled the paper stuffing out found a used hair barette in it. Yuck!! Then I ordered the miu miu suede bow satchel, got it and the bows had been ripped off and the handles were worn from use. You have to wonder why they would have shipped these bags and I think the answer is there is no quality control. They are just shipping what is in and don't care if customers get used or damaged bags. I complained but ended up nowhere and just returned both bags.
  11. This color bag has been sold out from NM online for a couple months, so any that magically pop up are more than likely returns. Shame on NM. You would think they would have better quality control for such pricy purchases.
  12. I bought a bag which had to be returned 3 times in the end. Wont buy from there again but I definitely wouldnt buy a bag which had disappeared from the site then reappeared being a return. The last I returned wasnt faulty but was so badly made it was just ugly. I sent it back and sure enough its appeared back up for sale. I feel sorry for whoever buys it.
    I really liked the bag from the pictures and if I had known what I was in for I would have kept the first one and fixed it myself but now I end up with none of them, better than spending $1000 on a factory second - which is what it looked like. I ended up going to Diabro and got a great bag for only a small amount more.
  13. Thanks to everyone who replied! I guess my situation could have been worse. I still can't believe they're sending out these high ticket items in the conditions they are. I asked if the bag was a return when I bought it. The lady said "oh, I have no way of knowing that".

  14. Thank you so much for the pictures! :heart: When did you get yours? It looks awesome! I love your Nuage bag, that's another color I hope to get. I am going to post some pics soon.