Anyone ever get a haircut at Ulta?

  1. The stylist I've been going to for the past 3 years (to pretty much get the same style done) has moved! I have no idea where or who to go to, because none of my friends ever seem to cut their hair (weird I know).

    So has anyone ever had a haircut at Ulta? They are literally 2 minutes from me so I'm thinking of trying it out and bringing in a picture of me right after getting a cut.

    Does anyone have horror stories?

    Better yet anyone in the east Orlando area have other recs?!
  2. I had my hair cut there this past January (I donated), I told her how much I wanted to donate. In the end it should of been below the shoulder, I walked out with a bob.
  3. i honestly think every Ulta salon is different. if you have a regular stylist that you usually go to and you like him/her, i would stick to your original stylist. JMO!

    plus i know Ulta has a lot of stylist that's fresh out of beauty school (not saying they're bad, everyone has to start somewhere) but they haircuts are i believe $35 ish.

    I usually get my hair cut at an upscale salon for the same price, but I am guarantee it's a job well done.

    Just my opinion ;)
  4. eekk, good to know that some of the ulta stylists are not as seasoned as others! My stylist called me saying she moved only 2 hours away...and I could drive to her house.....! Ugh the work just for a cut and style!
  5. I know, getting a good stylist is so much work.

    My neice got her hair cut and dyed at Ulta, the color turned out all wrong, so my sister took her somewhere else to get it fixed, since she did not want to deal with the salon staff at ulta.
  6. I have gotten a haircut at Ulta, and it was really no different from a haircut I could have received at SuperCuts for half the price.
  7. I went to one and the guy gave me a lot of attitude when after my curly hair was dry I told him that he did not cut enough off the bottom , her had to comb out osme of my hair and re cut it and I left looking like some crazy person because my hair was super frizzy and looked a hot mess ...................I still shop there but I willnot get my hair done there again
  8. I had the same experience as you! I indicated how short it should be to donate the rest and ended up much shorter than I wanted. At least it was free.
  9. I had only the most positive experiences at Ulta with the cuts. I found that the stylist always listened to me and did exactly what I wanted. I usually watch every step of the way though like a ninja, to make sure no one cuts more than what I asked.

    Color I'm not happy about, they use cheapy brands like Redken to color and I found that my color never lasts.
  10. I had an appointment scheduled, showed up and was told it was cancelled, ok things happen, rescheduled, showed up and same thing...cancelled. They weren't that nice about it either, said they called (checked my phone, they called 10 to 15 min before sched. appt., I was long on my way.) This time I was super upset about the waste of time and reshuffling my schedule. They offered me a 10% off my next hair appointment...right! What next appointment?

    Actually, being able to post the experience here is about the only satisfaction I received.
  11. I've only had one haircut done at Ulta, which was a few years ago. I tried making small-talk with the girl cutting my hair since she was about as talkative as Charlie Chaplin. I can't remember exactly what it was I told her, but my girl mentions to the other stylist cutting another girl's hair right next to us, my plans after college... maybe as a way of making some more small-talk. The other stylist didn't bother saying a word back to her, so I sat there getting my hair cut in awkward silence.

    Other than that, the cut was so-so and wasn't worth what I paid for ($30+?). I went back to my usual salon where I'm guaranteed satisfaction.
  12. I got a trim at my local Ulta from a lower level Tech of their seniority levels and was happy. I would go back to that person again, despite what Ulta might view their expertise at.
  13. I guess I am in the minority here. My regular stylist works at Ulta. I have had done cuts, color, and highlights done by her, and my hair has always turned out beautifully. Maybe I just lucked out.