Anyone ever feels homesick?

  1. :s
    Hi ladies,

    Sometimes I do feel homesick as I relocated here to be with my wonderful DH. He is soo supportive and honestly is the best guy I've ever met. HOwever, I feel that I have to face a lot of challenges e.g. have to look for a new job/ no friends here.
    hmmm..I had a great career back home but was always feeling unsatisfied / guys I met were never serious or half as nicea s my DH. I dont regret being with my DH, but at times, I do miss my family/ friends and even old job! oh my!

    I've gone for some interviews but have not had real luck yet..I even had a job offer (verbal) then last minute, was told I couldnt start work as the company had some restructuring to do! :s I felt so depressed but my DH has been wonderful and supportive.
    Although I'm not in need of $$ desperately, it would be nice to work again..sometimes I feel soo bored at home! oh well, i hope with time, I will find something suitable. It's a hassle preparing for interviews (I'm kinda perfectionist when it comes to stuff like that)

    oh well, just ranting a little bit here as TPF always makes me feel better! Please give me your thoughts ladies!
    Thanks! :yes:
  2. It's hard, especially when you're not can be an instant people conection and network. Plus, if your not have so much free time. What about a volunteer position until you get a, school, nursing home? You could make some friends, take up sometime, and feel good about helping out!
  3. Definitely hard. My bf moved for me and I think the saving grace was that he was getting his MA and he was able to meet students in the program. But I know there were times he just wanted to go back and live where he used to live, and if we weren't together he probably would've done that.

    I agree with Twinkle, volunteer since oyu have all the time on your hands. Hopefully you'd meet some nice people but then you're also out of the house and busy, which helps take your mind off of things.

    Good luck adjusting to your new home!
  4. We moved away for hubby's job over 18 years ago and I still get homesick sometimes. I think once you have a job and meet some people, maybe it won't be so bad. Good luck on your job search!
  5. I remember moving from Canada to the USA to be with my hubby. I couldn't work for the first 6 months while I was waiting for INS stuff to clear. I think that is when I missed it the most....the empty days of just staring at the TV and cleaning.
    I think it will get much better one you start working and meeting new people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It did for me anyways :smile:
  6. thanks everyone for ur responses!
    yup I had to wait 6 mths for INS stuff and then started looking a few weeks ago so far no luck :sad: am gettting so bored!
    anyway im glad there's purse forum...hopefully I'll be posting about my new job soon!!! :jammin:

  7. A few years ago my DH took a job in San Diego, CA (we live in NYC), and I found it extremely difficult. I'm a native New Yorker and get anxious when I am away for too long. My DH was very busy with his job so I spent a lot of time alone. What we wound up doing was we kept our home in NY and I stayed in NY. I went out to visit him often and he came to NY whenever he could for long weekends. It lasted about a year-and-a-half. It got too hard for us so he left the job and came home. Until you find a job I would recommend you keep busy. Maybe you could join a class of some kind. Try to get involved in something that will help you meet people. If you are not alone so much I think the transition will be a lot easier for you. Don't forget you have friends here if you get too lonely. Good luck to you!
  8. thanks kat!
    its great here thats why I posted on here, I refer to Pfers as my Purse Forum friends to my DH..hehe
    its really fun here,, hope I can meet some ppl that are like Pfers in my new job!
    I keep myself occupied by trying all sorts of recipes and making elaborate stuff that I would never have had the time to when I was working!
    hehe...glad that your DH is back in NY!
  9. I feel for you... I am a homebody- love my family and my home (South Florida). I miss it all the time- and get homesick somedays just randomly. Adjusting always takes time and some people just like to be by their family at all times (ME!!!) Hang in there!! HUGS!!!
  10. thanks Megs! yeah, me too..but it's great to see everyone's responses and word of encouragement!
    have a great day! :flowers:
  11. When I first came to Australia to go to school in 1997 I was homesick like hell. I kept calling and calling home, friends.. I just felt so alone in some strange place. I even regretted my decision to go to school overseas at that time. I was lucky that my parents let me come home often. Melbourne-Jakarta is just a short distance away, nearly 7 hrs by plane.

    Hang in there, as time goes by, it will be better. And remember you moved coz of a good cause, to be with DH.
  12. thanks sarah!
    its good to know of others experiences as well..:smile:
    yes, it's a good cause..thanks for reminding me of that!
  13. I'm like that, too. I've lived by myself when I went to college and when I'm studying in London.

    But the thought of spending Thanksgiving or Christmas away from my family upsets me. (But luckily I have family both here and Peterborough.)

    And I have you guys! (and Myspace, and free long distance. I've been talking to my father at least once a day. If we're not talking on the phone, we're e-mailing.)

    While I was job hunting do you have any idea how much daytime tv I've been watching?

    Now I have a job, and I'm just waiting for my schedule.

    Hang in there! You'll get through it!
  14. i know how you feel, i have relocated to Singapore from Canada because of my hubby's job. and i don't like it here that much, the heat, traffic...and i get even more homesick during Xmas or Thanksgiving. but i always remind myself that i am here to be with my DH, and because of his job, we are able to travel to many places. and i can't bear to be apart from him. however i do fly home once a year, thanks goodness for that, i miss my family alot. you are not alone out there, at least you are with your DH and not miles apart. think positive, hang in there!
  15. thanks fellow Pfers..
    it does make me feel better to read all your encouraging posts!
    Poutine, I'm just the opposite of you, I came to the US to be with DH, I was originally from Malaysia, just north of Spore...Spore is pretty humid sometimes but shopping is great is it not? hehe
    I want to fly home once a year too..its my first year in SD, so we'll see!

    Caitlin, I talk on the phone quite often with my family and closer friends too..I buy a prepaid IDD phone card which is cheap!