anyone ever feel OVER obsessed?

  1. Okay, I'm trying my best to turn over a new leaf. In the past couple months I have become completely OBSESSED with Louis Vuitton (probably to an unhealthy degree lol). I was so in love that I actually saved up money for LV bags (something I've never been really good at doing with any other brand). However, it's gotten to the point where I'm constantly lusting after a new bag...and once I get that one, I'm on to something else. I'm worried that it won't stop! I woke up this morning wanting to get rid of ALL my LV's and just get the one that made me fall in love with it - and stop after that. Sometimes I'd rather just have one that I really use and love instead of a bunch that sit in the closet. Anyone else ever feel this way? :wondering
  2. i'm feeling like that right now. i really feel the need to stop but i can't. T_T
  3. ALL the time actually but i'm glad to say that i'm at a good place right now where i only want a couple more pieces for the year (even though there are tons of things coming out). it kind of ebb and flows really - sometimes i feel nearly maniacal about my LVs and other times it's just "eh". i was like you a few months back where every new purchase just didn't satisfy and then wanted to dump the whole collection!
  4. glad to know I'm not the only one...sometimes I just feel like I'm wasting so much time and money when in the end, I'd be fine with a single bag. It's like having something new makes me happy for the moment but then the next day, I'm looking for something else. I just want to simplify my life!
  5. p.s. I love LV and tattoo's too! haha:wlae:
  6. I'm lucky because I'm actually rubbish at saving and don't like it.. I dont have a full-time job or a credit card either! So if I want a new bag I'll just have to forget about it unless I save up. I could never really give up LV its like a hobby to me.
  7. I go in phases with it. About a year ago I was mental about it. Now, its under control again. Im more than sure it will hit me again! I kind of have a small shopping problem anyway and Im always striving for balance!!!
  8. I use to wish I had all the newest bags everyone wanted but then one day I realized "why?" I rather have fun and travel and buy other stuff too than sit and stare at my bags. So I decided only one (maybe two) of each style at the most. I don't want 5 speedies or pochettes or wallets even if they are all different patterns. Then it was no longer a got to have but more of a fill the spot. TPF makes you want more bags, lol.
  9. I am the same way. I go crazy over one bag, then once I get it, I am off obsessing on another bag. Some of my bags have not even left the house.
  10. Yea, that's exactly what I thought when I woke up this morning! I think I'm just going to get one (or two, lol) that I can fully love and appreciate...instead a million of everything!
  11. ooooh yes! it's like a revolving door! there's ALWAYS a newer .. cuter bag that i "HAVE TO HAVE!" haha!

    .. and i totally understand just having the one "perfect" bag, and calling it a day!

    .. when i spend all this $$$ on my bags, sometimes i have a hard time choosing which to wear, etc. bc it's like .. i spent all this money on it, and i don't get "maximum" use out of it because i'm wearing the other bag .. haha! .. ya know what i mean?

    .. no worries -- you're not alone! :] but then again, i don't seem my little obsession going any anytime soon! yikes!
  12. I sort of feel the same way. Especially when I am on this forum and I see all of the beautiful bags that people own and how great they look on them. (I love modelling pics). I become obsessed with a bag and then I have to have it. I am happy or a couple of days and then I am on to something new. The problem becomes how many bags can one person use? I have some timeless pieces that I adore, use often and would never want to give up. Like my Damier Alma, my neo cabby, epi speedy and cabas mezzo. But I have quite a few bags that I would gladly get rid of if I could get something new. Right now I am obsessing over the Mirage speedy. I just have to keep reminding myself that there will always be something new and something to lust after. But it is soooooooo hard.:shrugs:

    :banned:until xmas or maybe even longer!
  13. When I first started tPF I was like that. I wanted to get all the latest and the past greatest. I am now at a point where I love what I have and I am somewhat content, although I do have a wish list, I just don't over obsesse about it anymore. When I have the money I buy something off the wish list and add something else that I might like.
  14. Oh yes, I know what you mean. I just like browsing, if you like, and when I have some money I like to fork out on some LV. This year, I'll be saving a bit, and I don't really fancy anything as I love all my current LV stuff. I was looking at buying a keepall, and may do that next year if I save up. I'm also thinking about a trip to the USA and buying an LV bag there. But otherwise I'm content with looking and enjoying the things I do have. If you are constantly looking and buying new LV does that mean that you enjoy the stuff you have less? I don't know, as I only buy once or twice a year, and haven't bought anything since my petit Noe last September.
  15. *sigh* I know what you even got to the point where I was actually buying 2 of everything, 1 for everyday and 1 for a backup (just in case.....I don't know what though:blink:smile: and most of them wound up sitting in my closet. I have since sold all of my LV's, except for my Speedy and Musette and am slowing moving on to Balenciaga's. I don't even want another LV anymore. I'm happy with the 2 that I have because that's all I really use everyday. I just think back on all the $$ that I spent.....:yucky::sick::throwup: