anyone ever feel like they are "done" with regular mono?

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  1. don't get me wrong, it's definitely classic and timeless and i'll never stop carrying the ones i have, but lately the more i look at my growing list of "to buy" there's never any regular monogram anymore. maybe i've just moved on to the other lines? i dunno. never anything i feel like i HAVE to have, only stuff i would LIKE to have, like the beverly clutch.

    anyone ever feel this way?
  2. Sometimes, yes, but then I go right back to it...I always fall back on my Mono bags because they go with everything. But yeah I do know what you mean, there aren't any Mono bags I'm dying to have because I have my staples in my collection now.
  3. hmmm.... well I don't have any mono bags/accessories planned to buy for the moment, but I KNOW in the future that LV will always use mono in some of their LE pieces... so for these mono bags, I might buy them (unless you mean "regular" as in sans LE)
  4. :yes: Regular mono stuff doesn't interest me any more. I've only got two bags left in mono canvas - petit noe and Waltz Oskar. In the last couple of weeks I was contemplating getting rid of the noe but for the money I'd get for it, I might as well keep it. I still use it from time to time.

    BTW, Oskar isn't going anywhere.:nogood:
  5. I love my Monogram bags (and I have quite a few). I still want to get the Cabbas Piano some day because I think it is a classic, however, after visiting TPF I've had my eyes opened to all of the other lines and am trying to branch out. I've so far been able to accquire denim, damier, azur, mc and vernis. I even found an Epi that I'd like. I guess I am just trying to diversify and make my collection a bit more colorful.
  6. i know. i don't even really have that much mono, just a BH,a papillon 19, a vavin pm, a perfo pochette and a snap billfold wallet, but i feel done. i don't even have a speedy 25 in regular mono but maybe one day i will feel compelled to buy one. but that's really all i'd like to have, just a beverly clutch and speedy 25. definitely not "have to haves" though.
  7. Yes I know exactly what you mean.

    I had gone right off mono, mainly due to it being so faked every where you look.

    I had thought I would not buy another and then the rivetting pouchette came along and I fell in Love!

    No others catch my fancy right now though and I find myself preffering vernis.
  8. i used to ask myself why people would buy epi when it's so expensive but most people would not know it is LV. of course i have learned those who do know LV would know and that it doesn't matter if the other people realize if it's LV. lol. i do not own any epi but i do want a bowling now. just contemplating on whether i should get that or a damier duomo. quite similar.
  9. sometimes I feel like that, but I always go right back to mine. Especially my mono speedy :heart:
  10. I'm feeling the same way right now. Although I only have 2 mono bags to begin with (speedy 30 and popincourt) I feel like I don't really want anything particular in the mono canvas maybe later on I will see something new in the mono canvas and want it.
  11. same. i have always :heart: vernis but after my discoloring episode on my marshmallow reade pm, i am scared to buy it. i just have to stay away from the light colors even though perle is :love: -- but can't buy it as i'm afraid of discoloring. still having a dilemma with my reade :sad:
  12. I have 2 pieces which I use all the time of Mono the Speedy 30 and BH and I think I am pretty well set. I love Mono but at the same time I don't want all my bags the same print!
  13. i tend to find myself drawn to the light color bags. which isn't always a good thing because some people may think they're not for year round use, even though i pretty much use mine whenever i want. like i decided i want something in dune. yes. must have something in dune. or maybe ebene mini lin. ughh i don't know. lol i need something in that style though because the more i look at it i think it's so cute.
  14. I have a few mono items(BH, Lockit, Zippy wallet). I've never been a siggy/mono fan of any brand.
  15. I have only one mono piece - the PH. I could always use another one:yes: