Anyone ever feel compelled to buy from LV store b/c the SA is so sweet?

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  1. I've been thinking of getting a damier speedy 30 for the longest time now, and yesterday I went to to see it at the LV boutique in Saks. I was a bit nervous after reading about everyone's bad experiences with mean SAs, and I was also dressed in sweats and gross shoes (went running). However, the SA there was soooo amazingly sweet to me, letting me oogle all the bags and just waiting on me hand/foot!! I knew I did not look like someone who was going to make a purchase, lol, so I was so shocked. I originally wanted to get my speedy from elux, save shipping and get cash back through ******...but this SA make me really want to go back to the store and buy it from her so she can get the commission! What do you guys think? Should I save the money or just get it from the boutique? hehe i'm tempted to go back today after work...
  2. I say if you like it, then get it. But don't let a sweet SA pressure you with kindness to buy it, lol. If I were you, I'd order thru elux just to get the ****** back. I mean.. if I can avoid paying the 5% sales tax.. by all means.. I will! But if you decide its not worth the wait for S&H, then get it at the store.. so you can use it right away! Good luck with your decision.
  3. Uhm...I usually don't need any extra prompting to make a purchase :nuts: but if you can save a bit by going through eluxury then I would use that.
  4. I know what you mean - I have the most wonderful SA at the Charlotte Store - Jonathan. Even though I would save money through Eluxury - I just can't bring myself to buy anywhere but through him. He is just the kindest person and I love buying things from him - makes it so much fun!
  5. I think that's nice but the SAs don't get commission. However, if you really like the SA and want to establish a relationship with her, then buy from her.... but if you have the opportunity to save on tax & shipping, go for e-lux instead!!!
  6. Buying from the boutique is for the entire experience. The chatting to the SAs, the wrapping up, and the excitement of bringing it home with you THAT very day is all very much part of the LV journey :smile:
  7. Aww thanks for all the responses guys! I should also mention that they had Made in France speedys...and I'm a bit afraid that if I order from elux I'll get the luck of the draw. Is it also worth the price to get a speedy thats made where you want it to be? lol, i know this is quite silly...

  8. All I have are made in France bags - With Eluxury - I can almost guarantee made in the USA - another good reason to try the boutique - no promises but at least they can check their stock to get you one.
  9. Well, if you want to take it home that very day and the SA is super nice, then go that route.
    My epi speedy came from eluxury and it was made in France so it is possible to get a made in France from them.
  10. I know what you mean about buying from a sweet SA --- it's actually a good idea to establish a relationship with a good SA. That way, you will have a wonderful experience buying your LV from him/her and he/she may give you a heads up on waiting lists, upcoming new items, etc. Plus you get to have your LV right then and there instead of waiting. Perhaps you can get your speedy from her this time so you can establish a rapport with her and you will definitely get your "Made in France" bag this way.

    Actually worth it for me to be able to talk to my SA in person. She lets me "play" (lol) with handbags that are on my list and helps me on which ones to get next. :yes:

    Good luck!! Either way, you'll have your LV!!
  11. I think if you buy from an SA, the same SA every time you shop, you can develop that vip status quicker and attain some freebie vip gifts and invitations that you wouldn't normally get if you bought through eluxury. Plus, I just think it's easier if you need to make a return when you have a relationship with an SA. Mine couldn't be any sweeter and I must admit, I have bought things from her that I hadn't planned on buying! And she can help you find a particular bag made from where you want it made. And I totally agree that they can help you get waitlisted items and info on new bags.
  12. haha..yeah! not just LV but at ANY store! I buy impulse because of the service...which means the SA's are doing their job..they get you to feel good about their product and leave with that product in mind...and that service could have a lasting impact on that company which would then lead to repeat purchases..

    haha..sorry for all this business mumbo jumbo...too much school for me..blah
  13. Based on your reasoning, I would go with the boutique. As others have mentioned on the thread just for establishing alone. When I purchased my Lockit from the LV boutique they shipped it to me for free and did not charge me tax. Don't ask me how. Good luck with your purchase.
  14. i just bought a scarf this weekend because the SA was so nice. I'm going to return it though- i'm not getting the bag i bought to wear it on. anyway, the SA was so nice i didn't think i could leave without it. but now i'll put the money towards another piece instead!
  15. go though elux...its cheaper..