Anyone Ever Feel Burnt Out on 'The Perfect Bag' Hunt?

  1. Coach has all these new bags every other month. The anticipation of a PCE card is always hanging over my head.

    Girls, I'm just exhausted!:nuts:

    Does anyone out there ever feel tired from always being on the 'perfect bag hunt?'

    I seem to go through this in cycles, and it takes me awhile to figure it all out, but I'm getting worn out thinking about bags, which ones I should keep, sell, PCE etc.

    I will say that I feel I've been very smart during this PCE by choosing a couple of things I know will be used often and for specfiic purposes. I also have been sellling a few old Coaches on eBay and still have a few left to list.

    I only have a few bags, so it's not like it's a ginormous collection, but it still makes me anxious if I see a couple in my closet that are a few years old that I'm not using anymore.

    I don't have any debt or anything like that so it's not the money that's stressing me out; it's the time I spend thinking about it.

    I don't like looking in my closet and being reminded that I need to list those three handbags. I want to just have a few I love and be done with it!

    This stuff takes a lot of mental energy!

    I'm just juggling so much with family, work, etc. that I feel like I sometimes use 'the hunt' as a reason to procrastinate doing other things.

    I'm trying to find a way to enjoy being part of the forum and keeping up with Coach without feeling like I'm on that hamster wheel of looking at new styles/thinking about what I need, etc.

    Anyone else dealing with this?:confused1:
  2. count me in. it seems u just took the words out of my mouth. it is always on my mind and no wonder i have posted gazillion posts asking everybody about different bags.
  3. I have but right now I'm OK. I have one bag that I want. I go back and forth sometimes but I'm much better at knowing what I need and want. I'm buying my one more bag and then 'attempting' a ban until spring. I'm recovering from the burnout and need some time to rest my weary brain!
  4. Totally!!!! I was Definately like this last pce... I was new to coach and the bags were all sooo tempting to me, and the 25% off was just too much of a deal!!! :rolleyes: I have gone through so many bags in that hunt for "THE BAG" only to discover atleast it really doesnt' exist.. every bag I have bought has SOME flaw or something I don't love, some more than others. For me it was taking up SOOO much time, energy, effort, thoughts, and money. It was my focus and I even found myself running in from spending time with my kids to check the eBay, this board, etc... it was getting out of hand. Luckily I have refocused, realized I personally don't want to own thousands of dollars in purses, I dont' have the money too anyway, and there will always be something prettier, faster or shinier out there to catch my eye.. especially with coach, like you said... as soon as something comes out, I am selling/returning mine that I loved because I think that next one will be the fix I need... and it never is! Luckily this time around I have reset my priorities financially and emotionally and it doesn't hurt that I am not tempted by their new line. ;) I have literally had times I thought I would have to dump all of my coach because it is SUCH an addiction for me, between the hunt of the outlets and their new bags, it's like I can't have just one!!!! Sorry this is a book lol but as you can see I can REALLY see where you are coming from!!! :yes:
  5. Tejas... I know exactly how you feel because I am the same exact way except $$$ also plays a part in my hunts since I am a stay at home mom and DH is the only one working. I am so bad with this handbag addiction that it consumes my life so bad, its mostly what I stay so stressed over. I am always on the hunt... even if I have a new bag on its way to me I am still hunting for another one before the new one even arrives, *SILLY * but its the truth. Okay get this... I am always selling things on eBay so I can get that next dream bag of mine, so I am having to give up some other bags that I would rather keep but the pressures of having to have that new bag makes me really lose $$$ on the bags I've just carried a few times when they are really new and I have not even got to enjoy them, GEEZZZ!!!
    I know this is so silly of me and I have asked myself many many times... why don't you just have a couple of handbags that you really really love and get some use out of them then buy some thing new... even if I would limit myself to maybe one a year or even two at the most then I would never have to sell one that I still love to buy another because of holidays, etc. Don't take me wrong ,there are a few times and I mean very few that I have actually made $$$ and not lost any from bags that I have sold on ebay but they have been the SOLD OUT / HARD TO FIND ones which I can understand that, no one wants to pay retail on a bag that they an go to the store and get... I wouldn't.
    With all this being said... it is a mental wear down for me as I have been doing this for over 5 years now and it is a tiredsome cycle and I HONESTLY don't understand WHY I keep doing this. I know buying a Designer handbags gives me the warmest happiest feeling and I do LOVE them but it/this is went way beyond happy shopping to I want that bag and how am I going to get it to totally stressing myself out over it, HELP!!! If I see a bag that I want and I don't have the $$$... well lets put it like this I will have to have it and search the world over and will sell bags that I love to get that bag... WHY is this??? Oh... its just not the bag either I always have to have the matching wallets as well to every bag that I get except for my Balenciaga's. HONESTLY the rate that I am going, I never get to enjoy the bag I have for no length of time... Am I just not thankful for what I do have with out wanting more??? Am I just being an over grown child, always wanting and don't appericate what i have? I feel any more that this addiction is so bad that it controls me instead of me having control over it :girlsigh:

    By the way... this is a GREAT thread and I am so glad you started this so maybe we all can figure this out together. I do love the TPF and enjoy being a member and enjoy so much seeing every ones bags, etc. I think the thing that feeds my addiction is ebay because there is always every thing on there... if I could only stay away BUT I am always afraid of missing some thing.
    Sorry for the long post but it feels good to vent since my whole family does not get or understand my expensive handbag addiction. I am a true nutz4purses
  6. Yes, this can become an issue. One thing that happens is I admire a bag forever and then find something slightly wrong with it once I get it. It may not sit perfectly on my shoulder, or feels heavy or the straps bother me. The carly strap for example still squeaks, and I find stuff gets lost in it. Yet I love how the bag looks when it is full. It also will lean to one side when it is not full and that bothers me too.
    I also will spend too much time pouring over pics of peoples beautiful collections. Also did you ever notice that when one person gets a lovely new bag, posts a pic, you start thinking hmmm.......even though you hadn't been considering it before?

    Oh and to the original question, I am not sure the "perfect bag" exists. There is always new stuff coming out and I may start to feel like what I have is good, but there may be something better. I don't overspend, I watch my cash but being in a bag frame of mind all the time can get tiring. Its good to take a break and focus on other things.
  7. Yes...I find something I like and it's a good price. I think I've found a great deal. Then after I get it home I'm afraid that if I make the decision to keep it, I'll find something more perfect in a few weeks or months. So I keep looking. I think the only way around this for me is if I find something I'm quite sure about and it's hard to get. After I go out of my way to get it and maybe pay full retail, then I'm satisfied. But even that doesn't always work. Recently I had Nordstrom get a bag from another store for me and have it sent, thinking it was what I wanted. But when I got it home I was disappointed in the color...OK but not worth full price.
  8. i have finally realized that as women, we lead full and diverse lives. there is no perfect bag for everything we have to do- work, errands, going out for dinner, shopping, travel, etc. i think it is best to have a few bags that can b used in multiple situations and switch up as needed. replace one or 2 a yr. nothing is more annoying then buying a bag that is soooo pretty, then realizing it is completely useless in ur wardrobe or life.
  9. ^^^ I feel exactly the way everyone else here feels!! The same thoughts, dilemmas and pressures too. With work and family things going on, bags are my escape outlet, my distraction, my hobby. Always looking for the perfect bag that doesn't exist. In a way, it's kinda good for my wallet that the coming collections are too expensive! I'm also not too thrilled with some of the stuff coming out, so I am going to take this time to enjoy the current bags I have, and sell the ones I'm really not using, and just take a break from it all! Although I love reading posts from tpf, I might need to stay away for awhile because seeing everyone's stuff is just too tempting! It's probably time for me to regroup and focus more quality time with my family and get my finances in order.
  10. Wow, are you guys all in my head? Seriously I totally can relate. I am terriable about buying bags only to figure out that they are not meant for me; then sell them at a loss. I am so fickle! Part of my problem is that I have to order all my bags since I live in an area inventory is limited (Coach) or non-existant (LV and Balenciaga). I am always selling a purse or two on Ebay to make up for new purchases. It is exhausting and I really need a new hobby!
  11. Since June, I've been in this never-ending cycle of obsessing over "the next bag", doing ebay searches AND obsessing on this board. It has been taking up a lot of time and money. I recently decided...this is ridiculous! I need to spend my time, energy and money elsewhere. I now have two...yes, TWO bags.... period! My new Coach chocolate sig hippie and a recent ebay purchase that is a 06 white leather legacy shoulder bag. I'm done. I just received my FIRST PCE and I am not buying ANYTHING for myself just a gift for my mom. Yes, its killing me that I have my OWN PCE card and I'm not running to the mall this very moment but I have to stop this least until Spring...:graucho:
  12. OOH, who read my thoughts? I see I am not the only one who seeks the perfect bag. Yes, I do have a sort of an excuse to search for the most comfortable bag having recently discovered two herniated back discs. And, heavy hardware does hurt...BUT....Take a look at the article in this month's magazine Marie Claire. They have a scale and the Coach large Satchel with the turnlocks, along with two other designer bags. I am sure Coach will not be so happy with this spread. They list the weight of an empty bag ( that one is over 4 lbs empty) and then what we all like to carry. and the total weight may even be equal to about 12 or 13 lbs. The doctors say it is extremely bad to carry such heavy bags over time. They do say the best weight is 2 lbs. full. Good luck ladies to achieve that...There is always another floorset. There is always a bag we see on someone waiting on line in the movies or at the mall. We can also get more at the PCE for our dollar or even at the outlet on a lucky day. But, do we really need so many? Well, we do need a couple while we search, don't we? The Thomspon and Bleeker line is going to be here soon. I feel like some alcoholic hitting a bar when the new floorset comes out. I am a casual girl.. I run around during the day. I need an easy care, comfy bag for the lifestyle I lead. I wear jeans, flip flops, shorts, and capris. I have pets, I go to a barn and help with the horses and the kids for a charity for children who are disabled. I am always going to see a great bag on someone. DH knows a Coach bag on sight. They call him by name in the Coach store. Yesterday, when I happened to have my new pup with me in the store quite by by accident, I actually tried on a pink dog collar on her when the SA asked if I owned one for her. She brought one out. Extra small. DH said that is it, I will meet you outside. I actually got to see all the bleekers in person . They had them in the back. These colors and styles are things you will love in every color. Here is what I think is close to perfect...a duffle, and a wallet to match..Wear them with everything. You will be stylish, comfy and happy. The British tan and Burgundy is beautiful. The green is a bit bright, but very different. (Also an excuse to get another bag) The ink is beautiful and subtle..the rustis rich, dark and a dark reddish brown. The siggie and leather bags are adorable. They are all light and very comfortable on the shoulder. They can also be worn cross/body. In either the small or large Prices are high so the small or large duffle prices are good. These are Classic Coach styles that we can wear for years ...and what we might just call near "perfect" make room in the closet...ladies...I think you just might have to save one or two spaces for these great bags" ...LOL
  13. took the words right out of my mouth! I actually get "sad." I just got a new Coach last week and already I am I am looking for a slouchy satchel, veeeerrry soft leather, like an acorn/butterscotch color. Sort of like the bag that Jessica is wearing (damn her, she always makes me want bags).

    But probably by next week I will be over it and searching for another type of bag.....and all the while I'm wondering "what's wrong w/ me?" Why do I have this obsession????
  14. This is true for me, too. I would read these boards and think, "OOh, let's see if I can find that on ebay!" I started this in June.
    Finally I cut myself off from ebay and it has helped alot!
    I am still on tPF but not ebay. :tup:
  15. You've made such a great point! There is no SINGLE perfect bag for every use, and maybe that's part of the problem. Of course, I've loved Coach for years, but went several years without buying a Coach bag. Last year, I rediscovered the brand and purchased more, returned a few, sold others, etc.

    It's hard because I love handbags--Coach designs--but handbags in general. I love to see how they're made, the thought behind different designs, etc., but I need to enjoy this without spending time/energy on more bags!