Anyone ever feel a little freaked out when your DH/SO is out of town?

  1. Hey all,
    The DH is in Texas visiting family this week and I have to stay here, because I just got a new job and need to work Monday and Wednesday.
    It is nice to have the house quiet with no mess, but sometimes I feel a little nervous. We have no kids, so I am just babysitting our German Shepherd, who is at least making me feel physically safe.
    I could go shopping, but I think I might spend excessively due to my currently nervous state.:shame:
  2. hey fendigal... same here :P
    but tonight my bf just stayed at friends to play video games (ok, no one laugh please) we're 28s but this is his way of losing the stress off him. so i'm just sitting in front of this laptop trying to get busy and watching dvds (preferably romantic comedy or tv series)
    when he went for a job like a week or so, i invited friends here and go shopping (preferably vintages so not damaging our wallet too much) or putting musics that i love but he hates.
    it's nice to have the apartment for my self once in a while :P
  3. I used to get nervous when we lived in a cottage which was rather secluded and when we first moved into our home.

    Nowadays I don't really sweat it. I actually welcome his trips. It also helps that I have 2 dogs to keep me company (my big one is kind of threatening looking & has a mean sounding bark even though he's a mush. :love: )
  4. oh, i miss my dog. we have to put it in my bf's parents because our new apartment doesn't allowed pets.
  5. No. I lived alone for 10 yrs before I got married, so I actually relish the times when DH is out of town. I also love it when he's here, but it's nice to have some "me" time every now and then.
  6. Nope, my Husband leaves tonight for China. I use the time and opportunity to get things done around the house, relax and invite my girlfriends over.:heart:
  7. I took the dog for a walk through the neighborhood and I feel a little better now. Just needed to get out I guess. We (the dog and I) went to at least house hunt in the neighborhood, sort of window shopping.
    The dog helps a lot. She is big, but loves me and kids to death so she's a great dog. I will concentrate on putting on some movies, sewing and doing laundry for a while.
  8. I used to. Not anymore. I've been with him 24/7 for a couple years then I had to move on my own so he can finish his last year of college. I was freaked out back then, scared of the dark and everything. I've been living alone for more than a year now and it doesn't feel weird anymore.
  9. It bothers me. I hate when he's not here. I feel so lonely without him. He is my best friend and when he's away I always feel like a part of me is gone. When he comes home.....everything feels balanced again! I know that's kinda sappy. I guess I'm just not a big "alone" person.
  10. my bf and I have a long-distance relationship so I don't freak out about it as much... but I do freak-out if i don't hear back when he said he will call just coz I have no way of making sure he is safe.. he lives by himself so it is not like I can call someone at home to tell me he is okay so yes.. i call like 50 times within an hour.. lol lol
  11. Nervous? You mean like getting the whole bed to yourself,and not hearing deafening snoring and being able to walk around with a green mask on your face and not have to pick up after another person?? Yeah I get nervous! LOL
  12. Thankfully, for me, no. My husband is in the military and is always gone. My sister-in-law once said she couldn't sleep when her husband wasn't home, because she was afraid, and I told her that if I did that, I wouldn't have slept in 18 years!
  13. I don't like it... but I am used to it. Vlad and I have been apart so much that I am just totally used to it by now. I don't always like it, but I sometimes do like my alone time. If there is cleaning or anything that needs to get done I do that or just have some "me" time- but i prefer Vlad to be with me for sure.

    Try to keep yourself occupied with some movies, talk online, etc. That is what I do!!
  14. When my SO first when down to New Orleans in Sept to help with the hurricane clean-up, I felt very lonely. Over time though I started to feel better. Time went by pretty quick luckily and after 9 months he is now back home.
  15. Alright, Selena, you have a point. LOL!! I just won't watch the Philly news tonight, let's see tonight there were possiblY 5 murders, a fire, an explosion and a flood! Just joking!