anyone ever do a trade?

  1. I've had a bag up for sale for a really long time now, and it's just not moving...frankly, I'm getting really sick of listing it. I recently got offered to do a 'trade' by someone with 100% positive feedback for another bag (that I happened to really want), but I have no idea how this would work. We aren't close to each other, so we'd have to ship them...anyone do this before? any tips would be helpful. thanks!
  2. There is no way to do it with any kind of protection from eBay or Paypal so it is basically your choice whether to gamble your item or not. I wouldn't dream of it but I know some people here have, others have had horrible experiences.
  3. i actuaaly started a thread on this topic and i learned it's against ebays policy you have no protection so if something goes wrong you don't have eBay or paypal to help you
  4. I've never traded over eBay, but I have traded with a few toki forum members and they've all been successful. We agreed to ship on the same day and then send tracking info.

    However, maybe I can offer some suggestion. Ask the buyer to send you money in the amount of the bag (or average the price of the two bags) with paypal. And then ship her the bag. From then she can mail you her bag, and you can refund her money. So long as you send with tracking, I think it should work out well. You can reassure her that if you don't refund her money, she will have the option to file a chargeback, but that's just in case.

    I hope that helps!
  5. or she could send her "payment" in the form of her bag, when you have received it you can go ahead and send your bag to her, no different to a normal transaction, but with a bag instead of money as payment
  6. Yeah that's just as safe as sending a check through the mail. :yucky:
  7. Ehm, could each of you send the other what the other bag is worth in $$$? so for example both bags are worth $1000. You both pay the other $1000 so you will not have paid anything but you "bought" each other's auctions and the paypal protection that follows. If the bag doesn't arrive, file with paypal, if not, you haven't really paid because your received the same amount. Or is that against policy, or am I missing something...
  8. I have never done it, but my son trades all the time thru his Star Wars forum and has never had a problem. I dont know if I could do it cause I am so leery. I would just rather keep my purse and know I have something rather than nothing. It would be great if she was a Purse forum member and at least you could know if she was legit.

    How many positives does she have? Alot?
  9. i don't see the problem , no transaction is ever going to be 100% safe anyway, you pay your money and hope that you get what you paid for, 99% of the time you do.
    in this case any risk is going to be on the buyer who made the offer to trade bags , she makes her "payment", OP receives her "payment", then sends out the other bag.
    no risk on the OP at all, surely.
  10. She has 100% positive feedback and no withdrawn feedback, so it seems legit. She also sent me pics and I've had them authenticated....
  11. Yea, this was my idea, too...I'm hoping she'll go for it.

  12. Oh man, I didn't know it was against policy...:push:. Thanks guys for all your help!
  13. I don't think they care about you breaking their policy - they aren't going to give you a strike or anything. They will just tell you it's tough luck if it goes wrong, you will have nobody to turn to for help.
    Of course no transaction is 100% safe but at least when you do make a purchase through Ebay using Paypal and a credit card, you have some kind of hope of getting your money back. In this case you really are blindly trusting a complete stranger to be honest and do what they say they will.
    I think the idea of buying each other's auctions sounds like the safest thing - if neither of you has anything to hide then what is the problem with that?
  14. I have traded a few times without a problem.
  15. I am wary of trades, especially when you have to ship. It just seems to risky!