Anyone ever contacted LVR by phone???

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  1. I'd like to speak with someone directly, but I keep getting a busy signal. Is there a code other than 011 that I'm supposed to be using???
  2. I contact LVR via email, took 3 days for response. By that time the bag I was after had sold out. Phone's definitely the way to go, hope you can get through.
  3. I've always contacted them by email. They always get back next day. Of course they are 6 hours ahead of us.
  4. Bummer.....I'm on the same timezone, and it took 3 days last week! Ended up getting my bag from Van Ravenstein. Greenie, did you order anything from them?
  5. Yes! I ordered twice. I really like them. They are having a sale right now. (knock wood) I've never had any problems. The stuff gets to you really fast too!
  6. So, they're in Italy right? In general, what is the international code to call there. I know for England it's 011-44. Does anyone know what it is for Italy? I think that may be my problem.
  7. Thanks guys, I just called the international operater. You have to leave off the two zeros in the beginning if you're calling from outside the country.

    So basically, it's 011-39-055-2670447. But I guess, they must be closed by now if they're 6 hours ahead. I will try in the wee hours of the morning :smile:
  8. Okay...good to know. Let me know how it goes. I've never had to call, but would like to know what kind of service you get.