Anyone ever consigned with Ann's Fabulous Find's?

  1. I am just getting so sick of eBay... anyone ever consigned an item to them? And how did that go? Also, how much do they take from the selling price?

    Tell me anything and everything, I want to know all :yes:.
  2. i just did! i have four bags up there now and two more will be put up this week. all i did was fill out a consigment form and ups all my bags to her w/ the signed form. it only took about a week to see the bags on her website and one of them sold the same day! i think if your willing to take only 60% of the selling price, not having the hassle of eBay is well worth it! HTH!!!
  3. 60% of the selling price is still better than what I get on eBay from repeated listings.

    Thanks a lot for sharing, I was worried that people may have had negative experiences. I'm not picky, and I picked this bag up for a giant bargain... unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to last though. I honestly think it's impossible to actually lose too much money.
  4. ^Good luck to you Helium! I myself will be sending some bags to Ann for consignment.
  5. Lol we can be consignment buddies! Good luck to you too eh?
  6. I love Ann! I just bought my IF Whipflash from her. :yes:
  7. Does anyone know what happens if a bag doesn't sell in a reasonable amount of time? Also how long would you list a bag that doesn't sell?
  8. go to the website and checkout the consignment agreement. it tells you exactley what they do in these cases. HTH!!!! here's the liks:
  9. Sorry for bumping this old thread, but how long does it take for Ann to post items on her website, after she has received them? TIA.
  10. Depends on how many items that have been received. First in, first on the website. I've purchased and consigned with AFF. They send checks twice a month. The hassle factor is a reason that I consign rather than selling outright.
  11. I sent in some items and she emailed me that she received them. I did not see them on her website yet and this was two weeks ago.
  12. I have consigned quite a few bags with Ann, and it's been a pain free experience!!
    Sometimes it does take her a little while to get the bags on her website, but, if you send her an e-mail she is good about responding.
  13. They are good about responding but slow in posting. I don't think it is first in first on the website. I think she gives priority to LV, Chanel, and Hermes.
  14. This is all good information; I am sending Ann five items tomorrow and wanted to get some feedback for piece of mind.

    For those of you who have consigned with AFF, did you find the pricing - and your cut of the deal - to be worth going this route?
  15. they sell really cheap stuff there... much cheaper than BBOS, Yoogi's. Anyone consigning a bottega?