Anyone ever consigned with Ann's Fabulous Find's?

  1. Has anyone used Ann's Fabulous Finds to sell their items? I'm looking to sell some bags and really don't want to do it on e-bay.(I've read too many horror stories) Thanks!
  2. HI... SORRY, I have never used Ann to sell any of my things but did talk to her once about it. I always sell my bags on eBay because I dont have to give such a high consignment price and take such a big cut on them. You can call Ann and she can explain every thing to you. Good Luck with your sells.
  3. She is great. I have worked with her a lot, mostly buying though. I think it is a great place to sell as many people know her (and she rarely ever posts here or does any advertising of any kind). She has really built her reputation on word of mouth, which I think says something about her business.

    eBay is still not a bad way to go (in spite of the horror stories). It would not be as costly.
  4. If you could wait a while, I would wait to get acceptance into MP, but they're not accepting applications right now (i think?) and there are some certain restrictions and rules (i.e. 500 posts minimum and six months?). On the MP, I don't think the sellers have to pay any sort of sellers' fee or anything.
  5. I may have to be brave and leap into e-bay selling. I've bought some items, but never sold anything.
  6. --I have consigned a lot of stuff with Ann, she is great! I am just too nervous to do eBay. Even though a percentage goes to AFF, it's worth it for me to have peace of mind, and not have to worry about being scammed or ripped off. Some of you ladies are ebay experts, but I'm not ;o)
  7. I sold five bags through Ann, and was very satisfied with the results. Much better than dealing with potentially flaky e-bay buyers, IMO.
  8. Has anyone consigned with Ann's Fabulous Finds? Please share your experience if you have. I want to unload some unused Coach bags to fuel my new passion for LV.

  9. I have several times and have been very satisfied with the transactions. I have a few bags out with her right now.
  10. Me too- I am currently working with her on several Balenciaga Bags (I am the seller). She and her team have always been very prompt in responding to my emails.

    Best of luck selling your bags!!

  11. Does she take Coach? They're entry level designer bags so they might not be enough high end for her.
  12. i think there's a price limit (nothing below $100 resell) so it depends on what kind of coach bags you have. she does some coach bags up on her site. i haven't sold anything with her yet, but i'm planning to in early september! she's very friendly and answers emails promptly!
  13. I have consigned with Ann many times, and it has always been a very positive experience. Sometimes she does sell small bags, accesories, sunglasses, etc. for less than $100, FWIW.
  14. I've consigned both Cole Haan and Gerard Darel bags with Ann, so she does take some of the mid-range designer bags too.
  15. I am just getting so sick of Ebay... anyone ever consigned an item to them? And how did that go? Also, how much do they take from the selling price?

    Tell me anything and everything, I want to know all :yes:.