Anyone ever buy from this site?

  1. Hi! I'm new here. I hope I am posting this in the right place!
    My best friend's daughter is looking for two bags and found the site
    Has anyone bought from them? Are they reputable?
    Any opinions greatly welcomed!
  2. Hi & welcome~ They sell fakes..bad fakes! An authentic $1,000 bag for $180?! Please...

    Run away, fast. VERY fast.....
  4. good thing you checked here. these gals really know their stuff!
  5. if your not sure ask the purse forum
  6. But has anyone bought from them? Trying to get a decent Manbag is a nightmare, and they make a "mirror" Mulberry Jasper for less than £120 delivered to the UK. It seems mighty tempting. Are they that bad? What would the differences be from the original?
  7. its illegal
  8. probably not, or they would have been taken to court. You only need to make 7 changes to the design for it not to be legally considered a fake. They can be as small as having slightly different stitching. Anyway, the question still stands.
  9. they are using the the brand names and say these are mirror copies of the purses... its illegal

    and yeah its tempting to get a mirror image copy of a birkin bag but I would rather carry the real birkin because theres something about carrying a fake that just feels wrong but thats Just my opinion
  10. Woah! Thats interesting to know! So six changes in the interior, where no one sees much anyway, plus a slightly different stitch pattern can make a 'mirror' copy on the outside.
  11. Yeah. In the UK anyway. I had a friend who used to design/make bags and sold them at a market. She got some pretty good write ups in the press, then she got ripped off by all the high street brands. Nothing she could do.
  12. no fakes. period. it's illegal, and whatever loop hole you find in that, you're just trying to justify owning a fake bag, pretending it's real, for a lesser price. just keep it within your own budget, or save up for the bag you want. dont' buy a knockoff just because you like the style. the quality won't be there. period. fakes are bad. :throwup:
  13. Wouldn't contemplate it normally, but I need a bag. Can't find anything I like in budget. TBH I'd rather the fakes were bags which "looked a bit like" ie without the branding but with the design, but I honestly can't find any Mens' leather bags which don't look like holdalls or briefcases. Men are pursecuted in the handbag arena. ;)
  14. Fakes are a BIG no no.
  15. Please don't buy fakes, young Chinese girls are held in virtual slavery to produce these, there are ties to terrorism, it's just a bad thing all around.
    For heaven's sake, find something in your price range instead, there are great bags out there for less than $1000.00 please just look in the dept stores & educate yourself first.