Anyone ever buy from the trio of Japan sellers? oversizedpocketsoffun, riruse, japan_monoshare?

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  1. oversizedpocketsoffun, riruse, japan_monoshare on eBay.

    All Japan sellers. Usually I like Asian sellers (they are nice). Very descriptive listings. 98%+ feedback, seems trustworthy.

    1. One seller is using a second account to bid shill. 9 of their auctions I got outbid in the last second and I see them all relisted.
    2. One seller I won 3 auctions with, she cancelled all 3 immediately for "buyer requested cancellation", which I never did. I never even contacted the seller. They were cancelled the second they were ended because she wasn't happy with the selling price.
    3. Another seller I won 4 auctions: One auction was three weeks ago which I received Monday. A second auction I won a week ago (meant to bid $400 but accidentally typed in $4000 last second) sold to me for $630, I was going to honor it and pay but wanted to buy a few more items to get discount combined shipping. Two items I won on Monday that were automatically cancelled for "problem with address", and the seller sent me a personal message saying she doesn't ship to my state (California). Then proceeded to send me an invoice for the $630 bag for my same California address.... clearly she wasn't happy with the selling price of the two recent items.

    I've seen sellers abuse the cancellation policy and put problem with address/buyer requested cancellation multiple items, just seems like eBay is turning a blind eye to it? I use to report it but have never seen eBay take any action.

    I also left them negative feedback, which I noticed were dropped from their account. Contacted eBay separately for each negative feedback and was told more or less the same excuse "it looks like it was removed in error....we shouldn't have removed the feedback...I apologize we are not able to reinstate the feedback....I can however advise that that worker get additional training regarding our feedback policy".
  2. Yes. I have had experience with japan_moonshare in the past. In fact I recently left them neutral feedback for an auction I won for an item that arrived in much worse condition than described (I posted pictures of it on this forum). They accepted a return and the return address is in California! But the item came from Japan.

    I have purchased from them before back when they had normal buy it now items. But I have suspected for a while that their auctions were being shilled and after recent experience I don't want anything to do with them. I checked and my neutral is still on their feedback.
  3. I suspect a lot of the large Japanese resellers are connectred and work together. There have been times when more than one seller has listed the same item. (I don't mean similar; they'd both have the exact same item with the same scratches, dings and marks.)

    I've also seen a lot of shill bidding and haven't had any luck getting ebay to act on reports.

    Another problem I've had with Japanese sellers is getting action on reports of fakes. Sometimes a listing will be removed but the seller (or one of his cohorts) will relist the same item, seemingly without consequence.

    I've never had experience with a non-performing seller, one who doesn't sell if the final price isn't high enough so I can't comment on that.

    But for some unknown reason, Japanese sellers get a lot of free passes and get out of jail free cards way more than the rest of us mortals!
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  4. I've had no issues with any of the japanese sellers on ebay, and I've bought multiple times. My favorite is eg-system though, recently I won an auction for a bag 2k+ and wasn't aware about being charged customs until DHL suddenly contacted me telling me to pay after the bag was already ready to be delivered here, I messaged them and they even offered to share 25% of the customs fee, or they could cancel my order for me immediately. Very prompt and courteous replies. I was very impressed since it was 100% my fault and I should've expected the customs, I didn't read that part of the description they put under every item...
  5. I have not had any issue and have bought from riruse once...just a small accessory, nothing expensive. But, it was a normal experience as far as buying from eBay goes and it was a fabulous item.

    However, for bags or leather accessories, one thing to always ask is for more detailed photos and if an item has or has not ever been painted or "fixed" by someone else. They have a tendency to paint on older bags to make them appear to be in better condition than reality.