Anyone Ever Buy and/or Sell on Tradesy?

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    I've come across this site several times when browsing the internet. The other day, there was a large banner across the top of tPF. I'd like to think that this means tPF endorses the website, but I realize it could mean that they just paid to advertise on tPF

    It seems promising -- comparable to ebay. They charge sellers 9% of the sales price + Paypal's 2.9%. One nice thing is that they cover the shipping charges. You set your asking price, and they tack on an additional amount for shipping. Once your item sells, they send out a prepaid shipping kit and within 24 hours of sending your item out, they release your money. Sounds simple enough, until I saw what they were charging for shipping!

    I listed one of my bags on the site to see how it would go. I set an asking price of $1750. Once they tacked on the shipping costs, the sales price went up to $1882 -- $132 for shipping? Where in the world did they come up with that figure? Even with insurance, I've never paid anywhere near that amount! And they use USPS. My guess is that it's a prepaid label similar to the labels you receive when doing a merchandise return. I just don't understand that price!! And nowhere on the site does it explain how they calculate the shipping costs. You just enter your asking price, and they add on the shipping and give you a total sales price.

    Anyone else ever buy and/or sell with them? Thoughts? Experiences?
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  2. No one?:shrugs:
  3. Moved this to the "eBay" sub forum because, even tho it's titled the eBay section, it has grown much bigger than just ebay. It's really about all reselling & trading style sites.. etc

    Hopefully you'll get some feedback here. GL!
  4. I've never heard of this before! I am looking for other places to sell, but this seems a little odd...
  5. That's probably how they make up for their lower fees.
  6. i think my ebay fees are only 10% of the sale price. 9% doesnt seem low. am i missing something?
  7. I agree...1% less isn't that much of a savings, other than the postage, but if it's figured super high, nobody would want to buy.
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  8. I've got a couple of jackets listed on Tradesy.
  9. Base fees (if you don't pay for Google advertising) on Bonanza is only 3.5% up to $500 and something like 1.5% for the amount above that. If you're going to sell on a site with little traffic it seems like you might as well go for the one with lower fees.
  10. exactly. i've sold just a few things on bonanza but it was easy and cheap
  11. I was glad to find this post as I've been wondering about that site as well. I've posted a few items on Tradesy within the last month or so. They are easy to work with but I haven't had any sales to date. Conversely, I placed a number of items on a similar site, called Poshmark, and with relative success.Poshmark takes 20% (compared to the 9% plus PayPal fees) but they seem to be doing something right. There is another thread about PM on the eBay forum if you're interested in learning more.
  12. I've used and sold items on Tradesy with success. A few pair of shoes, including Jimmy Choos, a Burberry scarf, Fendi belt and a Foley & Corinna white bag. I don't know how they calculate their shipping but they've been great to deal with. I have more items posted but I may also try Poshmark like other people have suggested.
  13. I've never heard of the site, sorry!
  14. Has anyone had any good experiences selling lower-priced items on Tradesy? It seems like most of the items on there are more high-end. I'm looking to sell a few lower-priced items I no longer wear, and I'm debating between eBay, Poshmark, and Tradesy, but it seems like Tradesy is more focused on designer items.
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    Hey There!

    I recently joined tradesy to sell.... Loving it - I have only sold 6 things so far - But i have found that the more you have up in your shop the more likely you will sell... I have also purchased from tradesy as well - No complaints there either. Here is my "signup link" - if you decide to start on tradesy use this and then we will both get 15 bucks... (awesome) :biggrin:


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