Anyone ever break out or get a rash from threading?

  1. I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time on Saturday. By Sunday, I had little red bumps all around where the hair was removed. I have zero doubt that some part of the threading process caused this, as the rest of my skin is fine.

    She put some kind of stuff on my brows after threading them -- maybe that is what caused the rash? Is there anything I can tell her not to do next time? I love the new shape of my eyebrows, but honestly my brows are naturally pretty nice to begin with, and I'll take slightly thicker brows any day over rash-y but nicely shaped ones. :sad:
  2. I have never had threading, though with all the talk lately, I want it done. Try using Tend skin. It is made for after waxing/shaving. I am guessing threading really pulls hair from the roots so it would have opened to pores more. Also use neosporin.
  3. Threading is just about the only type of hair removal that doesn't cause a breakout for me.

    But having said that, there was one time I've broken out in a rash and I wondered if it had to do with the fact that the chick pulls the string through her mouth to dampen it (eeeewwwww!). I have wondered before how that can be hygienic, and thought the reaction might have come from her saliva.....Hmmm, how I say it like that it sounds a little ridiculous :shrugs:

    Ashlend, I would definitely give it another go at some point because apart from that one occasion I haven't been able to fault it and would choose it over waxing or tweezing any day.
  4. I get threaded about every 2 weeks or so, and everytime I go, my "threadist" puts a little bit of witch hazel on my brows to calm my skin down, I suppose. When my sister went for the first time, her skin got really irritated after the lady put witch hazel on her brows. My sis still gets threaded at the same place I go to, but she asks her not to use witch hazel anymore. Instead, my sis uses a Burt's Bee's salve-thing and rubs it on the area that was threaded. (I think it's aloe and it comes in a small round container). She hasn't had a problem since.
  5. ^^ Thank you! I was hoping it might be something like that. I'm going to ask the girl what she uses when I go back next, and maybe she can switch it up.
  6. I have been going for Threading for a few years now.
    This past time I did notice a few bumps. I do get them once in awhile, but I love the beautiful arched end result.
    I think my reaction may have to do with the Rosewater she puts on after. Sometimes I get more of the rosewater tonic then other times I go in.
  7. what is the difference in the arch from waxing to threading? I keep hearing the arch is nicer but what is the difference and how is there a difference?
  8. its prob from what she put on afterwards. i think its a cooling gel to take away the redness. let her know not to put it on and see if that was the reason
  9. Wait a minute! They hold the "thread" in their mouth?!? Okay, I'm not doing this. I just watched a video on youtube. It's kind of gross.

    cher, the difference is that they can get very precise with threading. With waxing, its not always that way.