Anyone ever been to the COACH outlet in Leesburg Virginia??

  1. I have been living in no.virginia for years and never new they had a coach outlet in leesburg, I usally go down south to williamsburg or to jersey.
    Is the store big? do u know what they carry? do they have good deals?
    Thanks so much for the info, i appreciate it. planning to make a trip this weekend :yahoo:
  2. I am orginally from Jersey and used to go to the Lakaska, PA outlet so that is the only other outlet I can compare it to.

    The Leesburg outlet is not that large but I have bought two Legacy bags there at great prices! They have a large selection of all types of styles of bags, scarfs, belts, watches, accessories and even had some coats. I like it much better than the PA store I used to go to.
  3. I've only been to the Leesburg outlet, and the one in Hagerstown, MD. I was actually a little dissapointed when I went to the Leesburg outlet. It was so crowded the last time I went, and I found nothing. Also, I think it's a non-signature outlet so if you love sig. pieces you're more likely to find something at the Hagerstown outlet. Hope that helps a little bit.
  4. Leesburg is okay...I prefer Lancaster, PA or Hagerstown, MD.
  5. You're just like me!
    I've lived in Manassas and never knew there was one practically around the corner!
    Leesburg isn't a very big one, but because of where it is it gets crowded, although i've been ther maybe 3 times, the first time you could barely move around, and another time ther was hardley anyone there! so it's sort of a press your luck thing.. since thats the closest one to me, I figure it's better than nothing!