Anyone ever been to a Chanel or Manolo Blahnik sample sale?

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  1. Lately i have been fascinated with sample sales and have been doing research. Of course I've always known about the Manolo Blahnik sale and thought, i need to go to that sample sale. But not surprisingly, it's very exclusive. What I'm most surprised at are the prices. Take a look here:

    Chanel bags for $100?
  2. Also, click on the link for a 12 month list of sample sales in NYC.
  3. i buy manolo in london's store (i live there and in rome), and the sales are quite good.
  4. how much do you get them for?
  5. depends on the shoe... i saw some at 60 pounds and bought one pair for 90 pounds...the ones priced 60 were not of the newest collection and they were quite simple but we are always speaing of manolo, which has fantastic quality and gets ist shoes made by the best italian industries.. i bought 3pairs of shoes at 50% off.
  6. ooo, i'm going to rome in August so can you tell me of some great places to get great prices on manolos?
  7. in rome there is no way you can find manolo, manolo i buy it in the shop in old church street in london. you can find manolos from 10 corso como in milan but i don't know about the prices...i live in london as well as in rome so obviously i was nevered interested in the shop in milan.
    regarding rome, i can give you tips about godd places to stroll in or to eat, but regarding shops i can only give you a few addresses, considering that my shopping is done mainly in london or online.
  8. could i have the addresses in rome? The other places i'm going are:

    Monte Carlo
  9. that's a good trip!
    ok, first of all i tell you to be very careful in naples, they'll try and sell you anything.
    In rome there is the braccialini store in via mario de' fiori, braccialini makes very pretty and strange bags! there is a vety nice shop in piazza capranica, it sells for example john galliano.
    regarding the eating, i love eatinh sushi at f.i.s.h in via dei serpenti 16 and good meat in viale regina margherita at a place called "butteri". i have other places to tell you but i need to find the precise addresses...i'll do that tomorrow beacuse now in rome it is 00:25 and i am a bit sleepy, i have to go playing golf tomorrow morning early so i need a good sleep :smile:
    see you tomorrow!
  10. Thank you. I have some places I know i want to go to-i watch tv. what else do they have at braccialini and the store at piazza capranica. i may go to london so i would also appreciate some places there too.
  11. damn i want to get into a sale like that!
  12. that's what i wanna know. HOW do you get into one of those?
  13. i don't know if there is a special sample sale in london's manolo shop and i don't really care, i have such a crush on shoes that i love spending as much money as possible on them!!
    in braccialini they only sell bags: they are very beautiful, strange shapes, bags that you don't commonly see around (the strangest ones costs around 700 euros). But if you really want to have great shopping, you have to go to london. To have at your feet all the designers without walking miles go to Harrods, the even have jimmy choo. Manolo is in old church street, and another nice shoe shop is french sole, they sell princess diana's favourite ballerinas and they are in 6 ellis street, near sloane square. There is even an online shop
  14. ShopRodeo, you must try the best pizza place ever when you're in Rome - Da Bafetto - really grumpy waiters (which I guess is charming) but the pizza is to die for. Adress, somewhere off Piazza del Fiore (please correct me Divina)
  15. Patati I don't think I've ever been there... but actually the best pizza i ever ate was in Harrod's :shame:
    Anyway, in Campo dei fiori there are many pubs and restaurants which are pretty and good so I think your advice is really good :amuse: