Anyone ever been skinny dipping?

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  1. Ok I know it's a crazy question but im sitting here
    sweating my well I would say balls off but I don't have any. :P

    The idea of of jumping in a pool naked doesn't sound half bad right now.
    Anyone else suffering in the heat or ever been skinny dipping?:graucho:
  2. SilverSea I feel ya, I'm hot as h*ll too.

    Oh, and the answer to your question...I've never been skinny dipping

    I'm about to go dip in the shower

    Try to stay cool, Peace out :smile:
  3. I did a coed skinny dipp

    around 50 pounds ago and severalllllll years!
  4. I've wanted to but the thought of gettin nude in a pool that isn't mine creeps me out. But I have bathed in a lake before when camping. I know, I know, at least a pool has bleach. :P
  5. pools have chlorine.. bleach'll burn your eyes out and do much more damage than chlorine would.

    i've done it.. in jacuzzi's at parties (while everyone's gone.. and i wasn't alone if you catch my drift! haha ), in backyard pool parties with not-so-close-friends.. at the beach (well.. we went in with swim trunks.. and it accidentally fell off in the water) with ex-lovers...

    it's fun. i like how the water wraps around every inch of my skin. haha.
  6. Sorry, cholorine, yes, dumb moment apparently!! Bleach would be scary. I could be really blonde then!
  7. Yes, have gone skinny dipping a number of times on days like this. Some days, a bathing suit is still too hot!!
  8. Ehm back in High school....a group of friends and I were camping around a lake. (Was back when I was living in South America)
    My girlfriend and I were in the water..and teasing the boys who were in the woods doing 'tarzan stuff':roflmfao:
    Anyways. We took our swimsuit off and started calling them...when they heard us they started jumping in the water and we were like getting our suits back on...
    Only....I could find the leg holes of the suit and i was in hight state of panic, because they were getting closer...finally I found it...just in time...:sweatdrop:
    But I hadda great time doing it hahahaha Oh well i was young then I suppose hahahhaa
  9. No but I'd love too.In the privacy of my house only though...
  10. LOL:roflmfao:
  11. Only done it in the ocean. :biggrin: It's amazing.
  12. nope, I am such a prude! :shrugs:
  13. Yep! Years ago in Jamaica. There is nothing quite like it. It's by far one of the coolest things I've ever experienced.
  14. No, I have never dont it, never would but I am so envious of your heat & sunshine. Here it is still so cold & rarely reaches temperstures where even swimming is an option LOL
  15. yes. throughout europe. i highly rec. it- it's really nice!