Anyone ever been into Tignanellos?


Mar 27, 2006
The sunny side of the street
I was not really into them but appreciate how hard working they are. I have a tote that's indestructible. I really like how soft the leather is and the pretty, colorful silk like lining . It's my only bag and I use it to lug stuff to and from the horse barn or when it's really wet and raining and I don't want to get my expensive bags out.


Jun 2, 2015
I love their designs and always pick them up.. but the only thing that i dont like in them is, their trims are pleather..
Ive bought a 3 tone colorblock satchel.. and after home, i checked the inside tag, it said main part is leather & trim is pleather(or manmade leather) that being so, its only like 40% i believe thats genuine leather..
So ive completely lost liking their bags.. and stopped considering them after checking their tags theron..


Nov 22, 2015
San Diego, CA
I used to love their bags. I had one made of canvas that literally fell apart. I contacted them. They were very nice and asked for pics. The problem was the handles were attached to the interior lining! Once I sent pics, they would no longer respond. Never made good on it. [emoji35]
I do have some leather bags by them sitting around though. Don't know what to do with them though!


Mar 26, 2015
a girl at work just now showed me a bag she's had for 3 years and it's being held together by four safety pins and is literally crumbling apart at the seams. i was so shocked anyone would carry a bag in that condition .. i was like... no, go to amazon or macys right now and order yourself a tignanello. we found one for her that is an exact match to her no-name bag that has crumbled apart. i think she'll be happy with tignanello and she was very happy with the pricepoint of under $50. the bags they make are good for the money.


Apr 3, 2017
Totally late to this thread, but I do have a bunch of Tignanello bags - the older ones. Imho the quality has plummeted, but the older ones that I have are so durable. My oldest one is at least 10 years old and shows no signs of wear, it looks brand new, and the leather just gleams. They are also not heavy. I was okay with the faux leather portions when you couldn't tell, since they do make the bag lighter. BUT....I feel they add in so much faux leather now, and you really can tell. They just look cheap now, imho, and I wouldn't buy them anymore. :sad:
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