Anyone ever been in the same boat??

  1. I'm having a rough time with a lot of health issues going down all at once. I thought it would help me out (past experience shared, and also for my sanity) if there was anyone out there who has been through some of the same stuff as I. (ie: family sickness, death, cervical cancer, miscarriage, issues carrying baby, abnormal bleeding.) :sad:

    Just need to talk to someone. Thank you.
  2. Yes right now I am going through it. Weird bought of Eczema, Insomnia, Peri-menopause, fibroids, severe anemia, and then I sprained my darn ankle. I have ongoing asthma and allergies.

    I am hoping this is just a weird phase. The worst part is I need to be working, and I am bored. I am going to organize my closets this holiday.

    You are not alone. Just try to do what you can to feel better, and change your focus. If that is you in the pic, you are so young and pretty, and soon things will look up. Just take care of yourself and make sure you see your doctor.
  3. OMG dont you hate it when everything just piles on?? Man when it rain, it freakin pours!! Hope your ankle feels better. How did you sprain it?? In class today I kept sneezing sooooo much, people just stopped saying "bless you". Haha, the most sneezes ever, 28!! Damn these allergies! I can't even open my closet, too much crap. Lucky you!! I did go to the doctors, nothing but NOTHINGS. I have a specialist appointment on Jan. 2 for a pelvic ultrasound to see what this lump in my ovary is. (cervical cancer and vulva cancer runs highly in my family). Plus to see if the pain I'm feeling due to a miscarriage. I'm trying to keep my mind on other things... School. And thats not helping right now because it's just stressing me out. Making things worst!! Ughhh!!
  4. I read your other thread and I am sorry that all of this is happening to you. Back in college a long time ago I had really heavy weird bleeding with a lot of clots. Went to the Dr. and all they could tell me that I was anemic (DUH--I was losing so much blood!). I had a lot of pains and was just sick all over. It went away after a couple of weeks and didn't return. To this day have no idea what happened.

    Anyway, I am a total worrier and hypochondriac and have a huge fear of all those things so I really feel for you and the worry that you're going through right now. I am sending you a lot of positive vibes and hope that January 2nd comes fast and with no complications in the mean time (and good news afterwards). Hang in there!!!
  5. (((ehx)))

    I'm very sorry for what you are going through; my thoughts are with you. :heart:

    I, too, am dealing with a bevy of medical issues, although it's believed they all come from the same root cause. My issues are not reproductive-related, but like you, I am worried, well, scared, and I feel's a huge waiting game until whatever illness I have is diagnosed.

    I wish you ALL the best, hun!
  6. (((HUGS)))) I hope evrything ges better soon.
  7. hope it all gets better....!
    I have totally had my share of health issues too...... I even ended up with a total hysterectomy by age 30!
    I honestly beleive that yucky times really do make us stronger in the end!
    So hang in can only get better(and make u a stronger person too!)