Anyone else's SO hate heels?

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone else's SO doesn't like high heels? I love heels but my DF thinks heels only look good with dressy clothing. He says he hates the way they look on most women, and that his friends mostly seem to agree. It's a total bummer, cause I LOVE me some shoes!
  2. My dbf hates it when I wear high heels because it makes him feel short. He is about a whole head taller when I'm in flats, but when I'm in heels, I go up to about his nose and he doesn't like that haha.
  3. My DH doesn't like heels either. He does agree that alot of outfits looks better with high heels but he just doesn't want me to wear them. He says they hurt my back. I sometimes wish he would say "wow" when he sees me in those sexy heels instead of making a face at me. LOL.
  4. My bf hates heels too. Actually I think he just dislikes shoes full stop. He sees them as serving a particular purpose.... that is he owns about 3 different kinds. One for work, one for casual and a pair of trainers for the gym. He just doesn't get my ever increasing collection ;)

  5. I agree! Sometimes I'll put some on, feeling like I'm hot stuff, and he'll just go "eh" or say something about them being impractical. Sometimes I just want an ooh or an ahh. I feel so short and stubby in flats! Plus, sometimes heels just feel good on my arches.
  6. Eh... hem.... **confused** :confused1::confused1:

    May I express a man's POV ?

    That's AMAZING !!!! Guys being reserved, quite hostile about their GF or wife wearing high heels ??? Am I making nightmares or is it the real life ???

    Just a few words about us : I buy most of my GF's shoes. All of them are high heels (Lorenzi, Zanotti, Prada, whatever !). She was not used to wear them when I met her 2 years ago. But she looked soooo sexy with the first pair I bought (and I said it to her) that she kept wearing HH. Now, for our pleasure, she wears HH everyday and has a growing collection of about 100 pairs of shoes...

    Well well well... all these quite intimate words to tell you, girls, how much I am disappointed to read about boys being reluctant to see their GF in sexy heels. Incredible !
  7. My s/o doesn't pay enough attention to care. He is over a foot taller than I, so if anything it makes things easier! I only wear heels on special occasions though. Otherwise I stick with my Uggs or flat riding boots :smile:
  8. My bf doesn't like heels that make me tower over him (he's about 3-4" taller than me if I had to guess), but other than that, he doesn't care. It's fine with me since I've always usually just worn shoes with a small heel.
  9. Wow! I can't believe there are men who don't like heels! I understand if there is a height issue, but otherwise . . .
  10. No! My DH looooves when I wear heels even if some of them bring me almost up to his height - if I would/could wear 4,5 inch heels every day he'd be a very happy camper :P
  11. considering that I have so many pairs, I think that would be a deal breaker for me :roflmfao:
  12. My BF loves when I wear heels, he just doesn't like how much I spend on them.
  13. mine doesn't like them very much. he's only a couple inches taller than me when i'm in flats, so sometimes in heels i'm taller than he is- he swears that isn't why he dislikes them, but i'm sure it has something to do with it!

    i think he's more okay with classic heels, like Louboutin style. but i'm not into simple things at all, lol!

    generally my SO likes girls in a more casual, less fussy style than i have. if he had his way, i'd be in jeans, a tee and chuck taylors all the time but it has no effect at all on what i wear- i'm in heels almost every day, and SO either can tell me he likes it, or not say anything at all.


    I'm single, but i've never heard a complaint from one belonging to the male species ever! hahahaaa... that's insane.

  15. seems strange to me also :shrugs: