Anyone else's DH ever suggest getting a larger bag instead of a smaller one?

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  1. So last night I was showing my DH the Felicie wallet on chain. It's 925.00. I told him it was under the 1000.00 mark. When I went upstairs to swap pit my bags he saw my MC pochette. He then asked me - "the bag you are eyeing is it larger than that one on the bed?" I looked at him and smiled and said not by much I don't think. But it has more pieces inside of it. Lol. He laughed and says that's really small for the price. Is there anything of a larger size perhaps? I said sure. There are always larger sizes. But in the price range there's a speedy(s). Higher price range - Noe, Delightful, Neverfull, etc.

    Now I own 2 pochette and one mini pochette. The mini pochette was purchased new as a valentines gift 2 years ago. Even with the prices put together was still not enough to add up to the cost of a speedy. 800.00. I actually do not own a speedy. Lol.

    He is making me rethink the lovely felicie for maybe wanting something larger. To be clear - I do have a good number of smaller bags and medium to larger bags as well. I am not lacking for sizes. Lol.

    I wonder, has anyone's else's hubby ever said similar or helped sway your choice to getting a "larger more usable bag" for the price we pay for LV.

    On the plus side - he totally knows how I am and knows how well LV retains their value. Even compared to jewelry I find the few LV I do have are actually worth more than my gold pieces. Lol. Wow. To have gone in on LV stock even 20 years ago. Anywhoooo..... That's a whole other fantasy.
  2. My husband doesn't recommend larger but we do look at what I have as a whole. Like colour, sizes and styles. I have a LV totally mm which is my largest bag. I'm also not brand centric and hop around (fendi, celine and Chloe). I'm eyeing a evening style bag next.
  3. I'm in the same boat! My husband also thinks that you tend to get more bang for your buck with larger pieces! :greengrin:

    Proof of this is that he's always got the bigger size for me as gifts (thinks speedy 35 and 40, neverfull GM etc.) and while I do appreciate his presents, over time I've found his choices just way too big for me for my intended use so I only end up using them every now and then! Now if he'd purchase the size that I wanted or gone with the more popular choice, I'd definitely be using those items more. So bottom line is, while you do get more bang for your buck with bigger pieces and they're pretty in their right, think of the kind of use you want out of your bag and then don't compromise on the size! :cool:
  4. When I got my first Speedy 12 years ago, my DUMB ex boyfriend told me to get the 35 instead of what I wanted, the 25. He said if he's buying it, he wants me to have the bigger style because to him it looked more expensive (even though it's not even that much more expensive). I don't think that's true in all cases. Some men have good taste, but others are MORONS. I loved the bag, but I was really young and it was way too big for me. People would always say, "Is that your suitcase?"[emoji34]
    I should have went with what I really wanted!!!

  5. I have a friend who always chooses the larger bags. To be honest I would rather have more room than not enough. Lol. 25-35 is a huge jump! Lol. Dang. I do actually love the opening of the 35. Any speedy is larger for sure than the pochettes.

    I totally get what you mean.
  6. Recently I went to LV with my husband intending to get an empreinte key pouch. I walked out with a delightful mm instead! My husband told me it was silly to spend nearly $500 with tax for something so small. He said I might as well get a bag and "spend whatever." Lol. Fine with me.
  7. My husband is the same way. He would rather have me save up for a substantial purchase than buy small items that wouldn't bring me as much excitement and happiness.
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  9. My hubby is the opposite. He actually prefers small bags on me versus big bags. He says big bags make me look I am on my way to the airport to catch a flight and honestly he is kind of right about that. Example when we went to LV together in December I tried on the twinset, the kimono and the retiro and he much preferred the twinset.
  10. I suspect My hubby prefers me to walk around like a man with no handbags. Is cheaper that way lol
  11. The only time my hubby said anything about it was when I was purchasing the Delightful. He was with me at the time and thought I should get the MM size instead of the PM. However, I don't carry much stuff with me and my items would only end up swimming inside the bigger bag. The PM also looked better on me proportion-wise so I went with what I wanted.
  12. I'm still single so no DH just yet. :P

    Years ago, my mom sent my dad to the Vuitton store while he was on a business trip (her first Vuitton), she gave him a Vuitton ad ripped out from a magazine. It was the ad with Uma Thurman and the Ellipse. He bought the bag, which got my mother really excited over the phone. But the next day, he told her he thought it was a bit small (he got the PM) and asked her if she wanted the larger one instead. She told him it was up to him since he could see bags in person and judge what size suited her based on what he knew about what she carried around in her own bags. He went back and exchanged it for the MM size and truly, I think he made the right call. She's much smaller than I am, but the MM makes a great statement (plus, it fits all her stuff perfectly).

    Despite all the DH and DBFs nagging and eye rolling about our obsession with bags, they do seem to have a weird knack for knowing what suits us LVoers, lol. :roflmfao:

    Also, bigger isn't always better or bang for your buck. They should learn this in Luxury Handbag 101.
  13. Definitely agree! My HB always say you should get something bigger so it's more bang for your buck! Lol because in most cases if you add an extra few hundred the size of the bag doubles. Mine doesn't mind getting me the smaller cheaper one, but always says why do I want a mini or small bag for the same money or a few hundred more I could get a bigger bag and store more and have uses. Classic example is the cute minis! Lol I really want a Dora nano but for the same price I could get something so much bigger and better. So for now I have stayed away from it. But I guess I can understand where his coming from.
  14. Well, my boyfriend doesn't really get involved with my bags - he might say "looks nice" or whatever but doesn't actively help me pick.

    That said; the "bang for your buck" is a thing most people not into that certain category of items say. For example I was lusting over an electronic violin that was just the bare bones and of course other people were like "why not get a more impressive, wooden one?"

    I get WHY your SO says that; with bags there is no technology involved like "smaller chip doing the same thing = more advanced" BUT as we all know we are not paying for the fabric/leather cost, we're paying for how the design fits into our lives.

    Now my 2 cents about small/big bags: As long as there is a variety in your closet that get used often, I say go for whatever size! The only thing I don't love is when people have many purses that they never touch. Like a few special pieces I get (I certainly am not wearing my clutches every day) but I've seen too many beauties stuck in their dust bags for a decade because the owner thinks they are cute but too small/big/whatever. Let them free, ladies! Buy sizes/styles you will wear! :upsidedown:
  15. ROFL!!! :roflmfao:
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