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  1. I came to the chanel game late (better late than never!) and when I look at old reveals and the reference library, I want to cry looking at the old prices.
    Anyone know WHY the increases are so drastic? Is it just because they can?
  2. ME TOO! My mom bought me my first Chanel flap in 2008 :sad: It was a black lamb maxi. And the price of it now is honestly shocking!! Haha. I'm too in love with Chanel to stop buying regardless of the prices though!
  3. I'm with you. I got into Chanel about a year and a half to two years ago and cringe when I hear about what the prices were in 2010. I will be able to get a couple more items before the increase and then unfortunately I will be priced out of brand new Chanel bags. I'll have to try pre-loved if I want to expand my collection after that.
  4. They decided several years ago to be more "exclusive" like Hermes and racked up the prices by huge amounts. The price increases since then have been small compared to then. If you look at the prices in say 2007-09 compared to now, they more than doubled.
  5. At least you've got one. Thank goodness! :biggrin:

    I've always been priced out of brand new Chanel! The amount I've spent getting 5 pre loved classics is what I would have spent buying 2 new ones. Ugh... :pout:

    Thank you Tutu! As usual you have the Chanel answers :biggrin:
  6. It really started in '06/'07. The GST was $1650 then and the clutch was $995.
    Prior to that there were very infrequent increases, I almost think the increases began as a correction in the market but when they saw pieces were still selling out they kept it up!
  7. It's really not a good thing when I think how much my first M/L classic flap cost (back when you had to pay extra for lambskin) and how much my 2005 2.55 was ($1995 + tax for 226). I don't know why I didn't buy more classic flaps back then when the seasonal bags actually cost way more than classics did at the time. Now I'm paying close to $5000 with tax for a bag that was under $2k with tax when I first bought it. Live and learn I guess. That's why I try not to think about it. I bought the clutch when it was a seasonal bag, the first year. It was less than $995. So yeah, ignorance is bliss when it comes to prices and what's in your closet! :smile:
  8. chanel are able to get away with the price increases, because of demand! demand increases = price increases! i started buying chanel bags in 2008, but wasn't into the flap bags. believe it or not, i received my first jumbo flap just last year, actually my husband brought it for me as xmas gift. back then, i brought mostly seasonal bags, totes, and bowlers/satchels. i regretted it so much for not buying the classic flaps few years ago!
  9. I can't imagine what the price of a flap will be in 10 years...with their rate might be 10G
    Thank god there is only one more bag left to add to my collection (m/l beige flap with gold hardware caviar)
  10. Having collected since 2006 mostly in classics and reissues, my" closet value" has doubled! :smile: lol i have been priced out for a LONG time now. Loving the resale market though!