Anyone else working xmas eve & xmas day?

  1. I work for a pharmacy and we are open on all holidays.

    My family is out in FL anyways, so I am going to work on xmas eve & day.

    It's double pay! I can use a new bag. hehe :smile:

    Is anyone else working this xmas?
  2. On call Christmas Day....{{{ sigh }}}
    Just part of the profession.....:angel:
  3. I have work on dec 26, the next day after Xmas.
    While everyone is still dizzy from the holiday, I'll be off to work first thing in the morning. But that's part of the job.
  4. i'll most likely work the day before and the day after, even though the day before is my birthday. comes with the territory, unfortunately.
  5. I don't think my office is closed Christmas Eve day this year. If it is open, hardly anyone will be in and I'll likely head out early.
  6. I work in the pharmacy to:smile: I had to pick a holiday to work and choose Christmas, but I only work 4 hours. Afterwards we are leaving that evening and going to New York to be with are family for New Years:p
  7. if you go shopping the day before or after christmas, hug a retail worker - a lot of us don't ever get to spend christmas with our loved ones so that others can shop for theirs. i'm lucky; my family lives less than two hours away and i can drive there to spend the day, but a lot of people don't get to.
  8. I'm working Eve and Day too *sigh*

    My hours on Eve are supposed to be 9am-7pm but my practice manager said she might try to push the bosses for a 9am-4 or 5pm day instead.
    I'm working Xmas Day but only for 3 hours so I guess that's not too bad.
  9. Nope my company shuts down for the holidays and we all get a week and a half off.:yahoo:
  10. Probably Xmas Eve and the day after...I work in retail. At least I have Xmas off!
  11. I will be working Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas. Dreading it so much.
  12. I am working christmas eve this year along with new years eve.
    The extra holiday pay makes it more duable though.
  13. I work the day after Christmas and on New Years Eve.
  14. I have a 1/2 day the day b4 christmas & have to work the day after. - sigh, I should've been a teacher.
  15. The last day of work for everyone who works in this office is Friday the 21st and we reopen on January 2nd!