Anyone else with unsightly toes?

  1. Here's my problem, my toes always look tortured, mainly because I get corns very easily. The only time they are not as red and raw is in the summertime, when I only wear flip flops or very open-toed sandals. Even now, they look a little pinky and noticeable.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Can you recommend a solution other than wearing sneakers all the time (btw, no can do)? Help!

  2. Cream, pedicures?
  3. I recommend using Dr. Scholl's moleskins when wearing heels. I wear heels (esp. pointy ones) for work almost every day, and I find it helps keep my toes feeling and looking comfortable.
  4. Moleskin is a good idea, like windykat suggested. I've used it for years when I wear closed toe heels, and it works very well and keeps my toes comfortable. It can also be strategically placed to where you don't see it when you wear open toe shoes.

    Regular pedicures are also a good idea, so your feet will look nice. A good nail tech will take care of your feet and "problem areas". My nail tech recommended Aveda Foot Relief -

    It's a GREAT product. Apply it at night, put on a thick pair of socks, and your feet will be so soft in the morning :cool:
  5. it depends on how "hard" the corn is. some folks find that OTC products work just fine to help remove the corns. however, some ppl, like myself, need to make an appt & see a podiatrist.

    i am hoping i can have mine lasered off since i really don't want surgery for corns.

    i LOVE heels as well, but it can be painful at times.
  6. I have a bunion on my left big toe. It is not that bad yet, but it can hurt sometimes. Anyone know how to get bunion relief w/o surgery?