Anyone else with Celiac's Disease?

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  1. ^EEK.
    Tooth issues are a sign of it as well as MANY other diseases.
    I had issues with my gums bleeding alot(It was be in a store and my mouth would fill with blood while i was talking to a about embarassing!)
    turns out...its a sign of end stage Celiac.
  2. November will be my 10th anniversary of being diagnosed with Celiac, although I have had symptoms since I was a young child. There 12 people in my extended family who are eating G/F.
  3. Just want to say my 11 year old son got diagnosed with type one diabetes in Feb of this year and on June 6th confirmed diagnosis of celiac after the scope. Dr said in US only scope will "confirm" diagnosis. He eats alot of corn tortilla tacos and ground sirloin precooked frozen patties from costco.