anyone else who thinks the miroir is not attractive?

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  1. Im sorry but I don't think this line is attractive at all! and its way way too overpriced for a bag that looks like an oversized baked potato. I mean if others like it, that's cool but bleck! I don't care for it at all :yucky:
  2. I think there was a thread about this with the similar/same headline. It ruffled some feathers, I just wanted you to know.
  3. Well, not everything can be for everyone. That's exactly the reason why LV comes out with tons of different lines and styles to suit everyone's needs. Even if I didn't like Miroir (which I actually do) I would be happy for others to find something that they like.
    "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all..." :flowers:
  4. Well, there are some who def. agree.....but a lot of us like them, and since they are going for more than double than retail on eBay....I would say most people agree ;)
  5. true true!! im surprised with some of the designer things that come out though! no just lv but there's tons of designers that come out with things that make me say whhhaaaa??
  6. That's whats wonderful about this forum. We all like different things but still support eachother in our constant quest to get our next bag. :yes:
  7. but then again a lot of people say that canvas shouldnt be so expensive so there's a lot of opinions i guess
  8. I think it looks great from the pictures of tPFers carrying it...much better than I thought it would... but it's not something I would carry.
  9. The Papillon is cute, but I'd never buy it. The Pochette is absolutely not my cup of tea, the Speedy would be nice in a smaller version. Miroir is ok, but def. not my fav...
  10. I love this line. I got both speedies
  11. I thought I would like it but I don't. However, Im happy for those who own it and enjoy it. Not every line is for everyone. I adore the mc line, but I have friends who hate it.
  12. I have only seen everyone's pics. I am not jumping to go out and buy one...but they are beauties. I would like to see one IRL and touch it! Remember, that is why there is vanilla and chocolate icecream!
  13. I personally wouldn't carry one- but they are beautiful! I really like the pochettes & would like to have one of them (too late).
  14. I originally thought I wanted one. BUt after seeing them in real life, I think they are too flashy. I don't like them.
  15. ITA! :yes:
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