Anyone else who can't sleep?

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  1. It's now 5,33am and I can't sleep :weird: I've been now awake from 4.45am maybe because I'm afraid my alarm clock decides to not work (was it yesterday when it said this beeb-sound and then it went all 00:00 like there had been some sort of electric-suddown. But the wierd part was that it was just that clock.) And why I'm afraid is that I have to go for school to take an exam at 8!

    So what I've been doind already... eating - drinking tea :P maybe now I can eat again that delicious daim-cake :nuts: I ate almost half of it yesterday and felt really sick of all that sugar.. but it was so good!!

    Gather here if you can't sleep at night! Maybe there's someone else too :choochoo:

    (hey maybe I could start running.. now there's nobody outside so they can't laugh if I look silly.. and then I'll be in good shape when it comes summer!! :happydance:)
  2. I have this problem on the weekends, and now since I've been off work since Tuesday, and won't start up until next Tuesday! I work at a school and we've had lots of bad weather.

    You should totally take up running! I love to run, as indicated by my name. ;) When it's warm, I like to run early in the mornings to beat the heat and get my workout in for the day.

    Anyone have tips to help fall asleep? I think my only one is to try to relax all the muscles in my body.
  3. I am either asleep on the couch by 6:30 PM...or up til midnight or 1 AM! I never have any idea what's going to happen!
  4. OMG.. I was going to make a post about this.. lol

    I have the worst time trying to go to sleep. My friends all know about this- they say I sleep with one eye open!

    I know my problem and it's because I have so many things going on during the day that at night, my brain can't shut off for hours. Nothing seems to help- writing things down before I sleep, exercise, drink milk, eat, not eat before bed, tv, no tv. UGH!!

    I take ambien sometimes, but sporadically. I am trying to avoid getting addicted to it.
  5. You know what has helped me? My ipod. I have a playlist for just slow really has helped a lot!

    ADD: My ipod has a sleep I can set it to only play for a certain time. I usually wake up in the night and take out my ears any move it to my nightstand.
  6. ^ I wish that could help me, but when I listen to music I just want to keep listening to the songs and that keeps me up for hourssss... lol
  7. The only time I cannot sleep is when I have disturbing thoughts on my head that require me to sleep with the light on (I can look at a picture from a scary movie and if it bothers me, I won't be able to sleep. Curiosity got the best of me).

    Or if I'm too overly excited about something happening the next day, chances are I won't be able to sleep either. The last time that happened was when my mom had a company picnic to go to Six Flags. Ugh.

    I don't have any advice though, I'm sorry. But running seems like a great advice (I should do that more often).

    I really hate it when I can't sleep. I hope this doesn't happen to me when school is starting. This is one of the reasons why I never get classes at 7am. I can't... handle it.
  8. ^^Sunny that is a great idea! I actually used to do that when I was in high school. I had one CD that was all strings that I loved to listen to as I was falling asleep. I should download that music to my mp3 player (not an iPod, but I really want a Touch!).

    I have a pretty crazy day when I'm working. I work 10 hours a day (8-6) and sometimes am at the gym as early as 5:30. But since I don't work again until Tuesday, I will turn into a night owl. Bah!
  9. I always have a hard time sleeping. Sometimes I fall asleep at 4am. My worst one was 5 and I have to be up at 6! Major headache. I usually sleep around 1 or 2 and am up around 6. Sometimes 5 if the mobile rings. With the kind of work I do, there is always a part of the world that is awake
  10. ok now I'm tired.. I think I just slept one hour nap..
  11. yes Wed night I was up at midnight watching Sex and The City reruns, I still couldnt fall asleep so at 1 am I was flat ironing my hair :Push:
  12. I've been like this for about 2 weeks and it seems to be getting worse. Without fail at 530 every morning i'm up to use the ladies room and then cant get back to sleep. I have tried moving onto the couch, using the heating pad, you name it and nothing works. I did go to the doc yesterday and she gave me something that will hopefully help. Yesterday I was up at 430 and couldnt get back to sleep so you could imagine how I felt by mid day. Good thing I had a lot of running round to do and it kept me awake. I think with all this lack of sleep I'm going into sleep deprivation.... not good
  13. I'm dealing with anxiety from events from last year and I was sleeping very poorly, so my doctor gave me Ambien ... best choice ever. I'm finally getting a full night's sleep. I hate to take any more medication than necessary but I have had great luck with it.
  14. once every few months i get the cleaning bug AFTER it's time to go to bed, and i can't go to bed until it's done. i get all revved up. once i cleaned all of my jewelry. another time i rearranged the furniture. i have no idea why i do this but it is weird...
  15. lol I've done the same thing!! You're not alone.