anyone else who can only get

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  1. one or two bags a year because your husband says no? It makes me sad. Imma get a vernis cles soon cuz its not way expensive but I want another bag and my husband says no! it makes me sad :crybaby:
  2. attempt to come up with a form of secret funding? hehe :}
  3. I am in charge of all of our money . . . Hubby doesn't care what I buy as long as all of the bills get paid!
  4. mines the opposite lol. he's kinda of a tight wad when it comes to money. All the bills get paid so i dont see what the big deal is lol. oh well
  5. You should start a little purse fund... For example I always take about $20-$50 every other day or so and put it inot my purse fund...

    My hubby really doesn't "get" the bag love so I limit it because of that but Ih andle all of the money and could easily buy whatever I want.
  6. Me! *raising my hand* two bags only here! And that's not full retail either(some I plan on getting off eBay or it would be one bag per year only!) One bag is around $550-700 and the other is in the $350-400 range. So we're not talking about 2 big bags, but an accessory or small whatever and a big bag or the rare bag I may find for $400! But I tell myself I'm lucky to get this much. Imagine if dh said no, way too expensive, or you can only get one a year, it could be worse! And in time, a collection can really grow w/ 2 additions a year. I don't have a huge list of what to get so if I get everything I want real soon, I will/may run out of ideas, lol. I know that sounds hard to believe but it's true. I have only 4 more bags(one is an evening bag, the recital, so it barely counts) that I can come up with and after that I'm moving onto epi and vernis pochettes/lexingtons in some assorted colors. The list I have in my siggy will take me a whole 2 yrs to get!!
  7. my mother has the best trick. pay half on your credit card and half by cheque. that way they appear as seperate transactions
  8. Same here, as long as bills get paid and money goes into savings, after that I can do what I want.:yahoo:
  9. Yeah i have two. My first bag was a papillon 26 but i sold it on eBay to get a new mono pochette. Then I have a mono speedy 25. I guess I am lucky cuz like my husband said, "some people can't even get one bag so be grateful."
  10. Girl, You are LUCKY!! You have a loving dh and cute kids! ...And an awesome LV bag collection that is growing!

    What two bags are you hoping to get this coming year or next? I kind of like looking forward to them, so I plan them out!
  11. I am in the 2 bags a year club too, more or less. I try to put a few dollars (5-20) away every week to get a bag. This year I was lucky and received a cles and heart as gifts. If I get a bonus $ then I might be able to get another bag!
    It doesn't really bother me because it give me time to plan and obsess over the next purchase.
  12. i think besides the vernis cles I eventually want some kind of mc bag! they are so much more money though than the mono canvas so i might have to wait for tax returns next year
  13. NOEGIRL: what a great idea! could you do that, start a bag fund?
    I suppose your dh is right about being lucky to have 2 bags a year but maybe you should just explain to him, thats your lil luxury etc..

    Em, well my bf is V good with my bags. If i find something I like and he has the money then he will get it me, he wont moan or ever repeat how much it cost. hes great like that xx
  14. i wish my husband was like that. Hes always been a tight wad lol
  15. I spend my money on other things - like clothes etc so I can't just go and buy LV bags. I could but with 3 kids there is always something else our money should go to. I am in no rush to expand my collection - I am thankful for what i have. I buy tons of clothes for my kids and love spending money on them so sometimes my bags have to take a back seat to that. My DH knows I love them though and usually gives in for special occasions/ holidays. But he is appalled at spending well over a grand for a denim bag (which is the next bag i want).