Anyone else watching the Play-offs???

  1. Well, it's half time for the Charger/Titan's playoff game and I think that I am going to be sick!! Hopefully Antonio Gates will be back in the second half. I will be soooooo upset if the Chargers lose!! Anyone else watching??:s
  2. LOL I'm a Cowboy's girl, but I'm watching them right now as I'm on my laptop hehehe who said purses didn't go well with football?
  3. Me me me! I'm praying the Chargers make it as well! I'm with ya, I hope Antonio Gates comes back in. Chris Chambers is awesome!
  4. Me....can't wait till next weekend to watch my Cowboys!
  5. not yet.... go patriots! :smile:
  6. Steelers fan...:crybaby:
  7. I'm not particularly watching any games since the Eagles didn't make it :sad: but I like the Cowboys as well. When I'm over someone else's house though and they have a game on, I'll always watch. I'm a college football girl at heart though :smile:
  8. Ouch...looks like Pittsburgh is a second home field for the Jags!

    Watch out Patriots...It's feedin time!!
  9. Go Seahawks! :yahoo:
  10. YYAAYYY!! CHARGERS WON!! :wlae::yahoo: Now it's on to Indy next week. That's going to be a tuff one, but I'm sure we won't go down without a fight! :boxing:
    :dothewave: GO CHARGERS!!! :woohoo::woohoo:
  11. You and me both! Go 'boys! :yahoo:


    I was soo excited when they won:biggrin:

    Air-five my fellow chargers fan, miu2!

  13. yes I watched, the boyfriend still p-o'd that the Redskins didn't make it. oh well. I still rep my hometown Pats!!

    Beantown standup!! lol
  14. I watched a bit of every game to see who we would get. C'mon down Jacksonville! We're not scared!
  15. You should be. Brady's gonna get sacked more than burlap! Rasheen Mathis is gonna pick off 2. Freddie Taylor and Jones-Drew will trample your run defense, and Garrard's gonna pick you guys apart.

    I can't wait!!