Anyone else waiting for LVR to ship Pine or Jaune?

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  1. Hi girlfriends! Is there anyone else out there who is waiting for shipment of Vert Foret/Pine or Jaune? I received the Jaune PT w/GSH and its very pretty but I haven't gotten' the Pine yet and it looks like they've charge me for both...
    Do any of you have trouble communicating with them or is it just me? :confused1::confused1::confused1: I tried calling them at their customer service and they said leave a message but after the tone...they started speaking French and then hung-up...:sos:
  2. I ordered from them twice. The first item I bought, I was given a tracking the day before it arrived. The second order took a while and I didn't get any responses. One day my item just showed up. Both times I was pleased, though.
  3. They may not be the easiest to communictae with but they always get your item to you, sooner or later. I just email them and at somepoint someone replies, it may be that same day or a week later. Dont worry though, they dont run off with your money, you will get your item when it comes in. I know they are receiving their main shipment, like most boutiques, in September. So just shoot them an email, someone will get back to you.
  4. I had a Forest Green City from them last week so think that they are beginning to get that colour in.

    They seem to have a delivery in the middle (Tuesday/Wednesday) of each week and ship the bags off fast when they get them.

    How long ago did you order?
  5. Thanks so much for the encouragement...That makes me feel a little better...
    Its been about 6 weeks ago...I got the Violet GSH right away because they had it in stock at the time and I was very pleased...then I pre-ordered the Jaune and Pine. I got the Jaune last week but was just concerned when my Credit Card showed 2...I saw on their site that Pine's still on maybe they're just not in.
    Jenova, What did you think about the Pine? That's the only one I'm not sure about..
  6. I must admit to having all 3 of the colours that you mention - they are all just what I love - so I was doomed to succumb to them one by one whatever I swore to myself.

    I like the colour Forest Green best!!! (But I am a greenaholic so I would.)

    The green leather used for most of the bag seems thinner than that of the other 2 colours. It is shiney and has fine overall distressing. It is nice but in a different way. It seems more flexible.

    However, I don't like the thicker leather used for the 'corners' of my bag so much. It is a bit paler and feels a little dry and 'scratchy' to the fingers.

    The leather on one end of my bag is also rather odd - with a slightly lumpy surface effect. The other end is more normal.

    I decided that I didn't mind these little oddities too much because the main leather that you see and fondle is great and the colour is a really nice deep dark green. I find that I love this bag and am starting to use it in preference to my other recent buys.

    It is less lurid that Vert Gazon (which I love too) and greener and to me preferable to Sapin.
  7. Jenova...Thanks for info...I've only seen one IRL on a brief and the cloth around the zipper was a little "maybe not what I would have used" but hey he really didn't ask for my opinion when he decided on the color...However, I guess the things you & I would be picky one else would even notice...I think the green would be such a great color for fall...Anyway, did you say you ordered all 3 from LVR? I thought I was the only one in this obsessive PT Club...:tender:I just love me some PART-TIMES :tender:
  8. Jenova...I forgot to mention that I ordered a Violet GGH and I'm not sure I'm keeping it...My first choice is always Silver but I like the Violet color so well I thought I might need a "spare"...:nogood: Have you seen it? What do you think?
  9. Yes they all came from LVR - but mine are all Cities. LVR is a lot cheaper than anywhere in the UK and I don't want to enter into shopping further affield than Europe if I can help it.

    Oh don't start me up again PLEASE!!! In the back of my mind, I think that the GGH is going to be better than the GSH with the Violet. I haven't seen one, apart from the photo that is on here somewhere, but if I did, I suspect that I would buy it!!! Please do tell me what you think when it comes. Where have you ordered it from?

    Oh help - if I saw a GGH Violet Work or Part Time I could play the 'oh it is a different style' game!
  10. Jenova...I got the PT at Saks in Boca Raton...Look on the thread about it. I just read on it they have more in GGH...Go ahead & Just Do It!
  11. Hello again...I just looked on a thread I started yesterday and someone sent a picture of Violet GGH...
    I think I'm going to like it better than I first thought...:tender:
    Read Thread...Anyone bought Violet w/GGH?
  12. Yes that is the photo I have seen and it is the one that makes me think that the GGH Violet is super fine!!!!
  13. I am also waiting for my jaune. Please don't worry about LVR. I belive that your pine hasn't arrived. I also ordered with them many times and they are perfect with their service. I went to Luisaviaroma boutique in Florence Italy. The store is very big and all the salespersons are very nice. You should send them an email, it's better than calling. I am sure they will send the pine to you as soon as they get it. :yes::yes:
  14. Thanks Love my Life for the encouragement...I do know their service before with my Violet was just awesome! I guess I'm just a little edgy cause I've spent so much lately on this freakin' B-Bag addiction. Its insane :nuts:!!!