Anyone Else Waiting For Dec. 31 ?

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  1. I want the legacy wristlet in the color whiskey . i will stay up to midnight on dec 30 to see if im allowed to buy it on !

    dont know why i cant buy now & be on a waiting list ?

    Thanks in advance,
    Cha Cha
  2. have you called a coach store and asked about a list? i was put on a list for the alana shoes (which they now won't have any more of...grr)...

    and i wouldn't hold my breath for date accuracy. the legacy ponytail scarf changed dates a million times.
  3. the closest coach store from me is about 2 hours away . :sad:

    its easy 4 me to shop online !

    cha cha
  4. They'll still ship it to you if you're on their list and then you don't pay the shipping.
  5. i would call a store and ask about a list...
  6. I'm definately anticipating the Legacy wristlet also... I ordered the Legacy shoulder in whiskey and I almost don't want to carry it until I have the wristlet... but I will!
  7. coach website changed the availabilty date for the whiskey wristlet ! I have to wait till jan 21 !

    Do they change dates often ? what a tease !

    cha cha
  8. i told you they would. :P just like with the ponytail scarf.
  9. wow, a wait list for coach!?!?
  10. I took a peek on line and wowza, what a cute wristlet!!
  11. I really want that wristlet, too. I'm debating buying it on the 21st, even though I've never spent that much on a wristlet before.
  12. i'm gonna be on that on 1/21 i really want the whiskey clutch to match my whiskey ali bag!!!