Tech anyone else use ubuntu netbook remix on their netbooks?

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  1. I have a HP mini 1000 netbook and I love it. I bought it with windows XP installed but last night I installed Ubuntu netbook remix OS on it and it is fabulous so far.. I love it! For starters it takes up less space on the HD and it seems to work a lot faster now. Everything works on my netbook.. all the functions and everything are normal.. everything works as it should.

    Does anyone else use this OS? If you are thinking about it dont be scared of linux.. its awesome!

    screen shot of what it looks like is attached.

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  2. Is it your primary OS now or do you still have XP installed?

    The set-up looks SO efficient and adorable to boot.
  3. so when you installed this Unbuntu, did it remove Windows XP? I'd be very afraid to do that. Most programs are compatible w/Windows and may not work w/other operating systems. Plus, I'd worry how my existing programs would run w/another OS. I'd also be concerned about voiding the warranty that comes w/the Netbook (will your virus program run with this new OS?).

    I dunno -- I just bought an Asus Eee which comes preloaded w/Windows XP and I haven't noticed any kinds of problems at all. No speed issues, no loading and/or dropping issues. Pics and videos display and play perfectly (just as good as on my desktop). I'm actually very impressed w/how well this Netbook runs (it actually works better than our previous desktop PC which we replaced last winter). Speed and/or loading times isn't an issue. I'd say it runs almost the same as our desktop
  4. On this computer it is my primary OS.. but you can install it and keep windows too.

    You can also run the OS off a thumb drive on windows to test it out to see if you like it. I did that before to make sure I really wanted it.
  5. That's awesome! I'll keep that in mind if I ever get my hands on a netbook... :smile:
  6. My windows XP ran everything perfectly fine too.. it was slower than my imac.. but it was alright. I just never liked the way windows was laid out.

    I wiped out windows XP when I installed the ubuntu but you can choose to have both installed. You can also run it on your computer without installing it just to try it out. I did this before I installed to see if I would like it. I was not worried about programs not being compatible because I am not going to be installing many things on my netbook and everything I wanted had a linux friendly version. Office for instance.. I use open office... a free office program that is compatible with the windows versions. It works very well. The only thing I may miss is itunes but linux has a program that is similar... I am going to try it out. My camera is recognized, the ubuntu came with a nice little program to sort and store my photos.. my wireless internet works.. built in camera works.. everything works just fine. There is virus protection for it as well. I was using the free AVG before, and I think I can have it on my ubuntu as well but I think I have to use the non-free version now. Some people say that virus protection isnt as needed as with windows. I'm not sure about this but it seems to be true from what I've read... most viruses are not directed toward linux OS's.

    I may have voided my warrany by installing this but I'm not really all that worried about it, plus I can re-install windows if I really need to.

    I wanted to buy a netbook with linux pre-installed but couldnt find one I liked so this my my alternative. It may not be for everyone but it isnt bad.. it works very well ( just as good as windows!) and has everything that I think the average netbook user would want. Some people use this OS as their primary... I couldnt do that as I use my computer for my work as a photographer, but for my netbook ubuntu is great. All I am using my netbook for is internet.. maybe some pictures if I am vacation or something.. this is just a second computer for me. I use my imac for everything else.

    There is more info here..

    Also this article (although it is over 2 years old .. comparing ubuntu -not netbook remix though.. but they are the pretty much the same) and vista.
  7. I've been using Ubuntu for a little over a year now... SO installed this after I got a virus using Vista. I have to say, I'm fairly happy with it and have been virus-free since (just to clarify, an anti-virus program is not needed).

    The OS is super easy to use and I like the added special effects they have available for customizing the layouts. New layouts and icons are easy to download for free and look way better than XP/Vista in my opinion.

    I haven't had many problems with Ubuntu but I do occasionally get some websites/programs that are not compatible with Linux (but these are really minor things like printing out coupons or taking a survey LOL). The only complaint I have is that the Open Office program isn't nearly as good as MS Word 2007. But I just ended up having Word installed onto Ubuntu and use that instead. The instant messaging program isn't as good either, however, if you install Pidgin Messenger, you can transfer your AIM information/username.