Anyone else use Mason and Pearson?

  1. Last year I kept reading in magazines about Mason and Pearson hairbrushes and how they were the "Rolls Royse" of the hairbrush world. Somehow I got it into my head that I MUST have one and bought one over Christmas last year. I have the nylon/bristle mix travel brush and paid a whopping $90 for it (even now I wonder how I rationalized that! :blink: ) but it truly is the best hairbrush I've ever owned. My hair is extremely thick and sort of coarse not to mention long, and this brush really smooths and detangles my hair well.

    Anyone else invested in one of these brushes? Happy/sad about the results? Any other hairbrush suggestions?
  2. Love mine. I have extremely thick, slightly coarse, very long hair, and I've had my mix bristle Mason Pearson for 9 years. Still looks and works like new. Husband thought I lost my mind when I bought it. :yes:
  3. lol i spent a whopping $24 and got the Sally k/o. its pure boar bristle. I find that it doesn't get through all my hair, just the top layer unless i brush hard, and then when i DO brush hard, my hair just greasies up and sticks to my scalp.
  4. I have 2 mason pearson brushes and I think they are the best. My hair gets tangled really easy and these brushes make my hair glossy and tangle free without any pain! xx
  5. I have the detangling comb. It's ok.
  6. I got my mom a Frederic Fekkai brush for her birthday and she loves it. It was between that and Mason Pearson, and I can't remember the exact reason why I went with Fekkai.

    I myself don't use a hairbrush. I use a widetooth comb after I put conditioner in my hair. If I brush my hair when it's dry, it looks like a freakin disaster.
  7. I have really thick and curly hair and the only brush that combs it well is the classic Mason Pearson. I paid $125 4 years ago and it is still going strong. Every other brush only lasts about a month or so before the bristles start to fall out.
  8. I Use So Many Different Brushes. We Have Mason & Pearson....& A Couple Were $200+ (My MIL Thinks They Are A Must Have!)....They Do Work Great. My Husband & Son Each One As Well......They Do Last Quite A While. Top Of The Line!
  9. M/P brushes are worth the money. I have one and I also got my Mom one, she has a very sensitive scalp and that is the only brush she has ever had that does not hurt. I have had good luck finding them new and much cheaper on eBay.
  10. I bought my first Mason Pearson over ten years ago from a local pharmacy. The box was damaged, so they had reduced it and I ended up only paying around £10 for it! I have very thick long hair and it's the only brush that gets the tangles out without making my hair frizz.
  11. I got my first M P brush when I was 9 years old. Growing up I aquired two more. It's the only brush i've ever used or will ever use! Worth the hype - in fact I don't understand how anyone could not use this brush!
  12. I have one that I love. I have long hair that gets tangled easily and this greatly detangles it.:biggrin::flowers:
  13. I do. I had a small pink one as a child and now I use the "popular". Ive never used anything else, and I guess its great because I don't think I will be changing!
  14. Is the difference it makes in the appearance of your hair worth the huge price difference between a $10 drugstore brush and a $100 Mason Pearson? I personally cannot imagine that huge of a discrepency between how well a Mason Pearson works compared to a cheap brush! I guess one has to see it to believe it!
  15. I have coton de tulear dogs and a lot of us who wouldn't dream of using a $100 brush on our own hair buy them for our dogs:yes: