Anyone else travel light?

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  1. After trying out bags from so many different brands, I always find myself coming back to LV because their bags are beautiful, luxurious and light. My personal pet peeve is a heavy bag and if a bag is too heavy I will eventually ditch it.

    I used to use my speedy b 35 everyday but I noticed that I like to find things to carry it it but I barely use them and that I was getting sick of having my bag bumped into in crowds. I've since downsized to a favorite MM and am loving it. All my essentials fit in, including an ipad mini, and yet I get handsfree/crossbody and no achy shoulders or bumps!

    Any other lv lovers travel light? What are your essentials and what beauty do you carry them in?
  2. When I have to travel light, I carry my Pochette Felicie and just carry money, lip balm, and hand sanitizer. Bare minimum.

    If I have the option to carry a bigger bag, then I choose my Pochette Metis. iPad, wallet, and my mini pochette with hair ties, lip balm, hand sanitizer, mints.
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    I love using my Alma BB's in either Epi Piment or DE as my daily bag/ weekend bag. They hold everything I need and the cross body option, shoulder strap and handles make them very user- friendly. I also find they look beautiful dressed up or down. My essentials for this bag are zippy coin purse as a wallet, mini Pochette for cosmetics, Cles for car key and extra cards, iPhone 6, tissues, mints, and sunglasses in soft case.
  4. Nah
    Although I'd love to be one of those people.
    Please teach me.

    I carry a full sized wallet
    My phone
    Sunglasses in its case
    Hand lotion and lip balm
    All the above are non negotiable

    Additionally, negotiable, are my Moleskine planner (thin but 5x8), a pen, lipstick, breath mints, a mirror, a phone charger, a novel. I can really fill up a bag.

  5. When I'm not going into the office I love to pack light! I'm on vacation right now in NYC and brought my NF PM which is packed with:

    Cles I'm using as a wallet
    Sunglasses in a case
    NF PM pouch with a few misc items
    iPhone 6+
    MetroCard, gum and a comb in the zipper pocket

    And I would be totally fine with this on a daily basis but I have to carry my laptop for work which complicates things....
  6. I gravitate towards smaller bags and I carry my wallet (full size or small), sunglasses, phone, small pouch with travel size hand sanitizer, hand cream, lipstick and lip balm. If I am out with the kids for a short while then I'll add two diapers and wipes. Otherwise I'll pack a separate diaper bag.
  7. I try to pack light with a toddler... Here are my (current) essentials:

    Wallet (Victorine RB)
    Empreinte Key Pouch
    Car Key (I put the house keys in my car when I'm out)
    iPhone 6+
    Lip balm
    Sunglasses (w/o the case)

    Everything fits perfectly in the Croisette. If I was using the Mazarine, I'd prob carry a coin purse, a small cosmetic pouch, and the sunglasses case with me.
  8. I'm apparently an undecided. Right now I have my Neverfull packed with my MacBook, notebook and other stuff like that, my Spreedy Empriente 30 with my full size wallet, cosmetic case, key holder and Empriente card case. I literally switch bags twice a day. I go from large, to in one day.

    I carried my Speedy to a bar last night, almost never carry such a large to a bar, and got beer spilt on it!! I have a problem. I hate having the wrong size bag for the occasion. I usually carry my favorite MM or something else that is a cross body.

    Plus with the amount of money I have spent with on my LVs, I need to be in constant rotation so they get worn. I didn't buy museum pieces.
  9. I wish. I'm a small bag wannabe. LOL! I need to let my Alma BB, Pochette Accessories, Sprouse peach Alma, and, possibly, my Pochette Metis go. The smallest I'm comfortable with is Alma PM. I love how the little bags look on everybody though! :smile:
  10. Wow ! I do 95% of my LV shopping online and never would have imagined that an iPad mini fits in a Favorite MM. It can be so hard to judge the size of things.

    I am such a light weight girl.
    My daily bag is
    Milla Pochette (phone/cash/cards) keys usually in pocket

    If I need a bit more room
    Pochette Accessories. (Add in keys/lip balm)

    Even more room
    Speedy 25 (add in makeup and a few more things)

    For travel
    Neverfull MM (everything and the sink)
  11. My friends think I'm crazy. Most days I only have my phone, my wallet and my keys rattling around in my purse.

    Sometimes I also have a hairtie, chapstick and/or sunglasses.

    Otherwise it's purely situational--I'll carry a checkbook if I need to pay someone by check or bring a novel/Kindle if I know I'll be waiting somewhere awhile.
  12. I carry very few things with me all the time so I gravitate towards smaller bags. I use my cosmetic pouch for things like lip balm/gloss, hand sanitizer, travel size hand lotion, tissues, earphones and a few packets of wet wipes. I have my sunnies, full size Zippy wallet and phone in the bag itself. Among all these, I think the Zippy wallet is the heaviest.
  13. I carry a smaller bag- Right now I'm carrying my Thames PM which holds all my essentials. Cosmetic pm, Adele lg wallet, sunglasses case mm, 6 ring key holder, earphone case, round coin purse and a peri iPhone charger. This purse is small but holds a lot! I wish I could travel even lighter, (downsize to a Felicie) but I just can't seem to...
  14. I will only travel light if someone gifts me a Chanel mini.

    Until then I always bring the entire house and the kitchen sink with me! :giggles:
  15. +1 :tup: