Anyone else tired of seeing Poppy at the outlets?

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  1. Hey all, just wanted to know if anyone else is soooo sick to death at going to the outlet every time and finding only Poppy, still at 30% off..Everywhere I look, it's just Poppy..Nothing much else interesting seems to be ever available.. I am sure that by now, most of us have had our share of Poppy and are just ready to see what they put out next..Mark it down to 50% off already, that way I am sure the remaining stuff would move much quicker..:pout: just venting..
    My feelings exactly!

    Put some new stuff on the floor already.
  3. i just wish i could go to an outlet....
  4. Yep, I just came from there and still lots of poppy at 30% off. Where are all the good stuff???
  5. Yep. I'm tired of it too. I want new stuff to drool over.
  6. OH YES. Man, from my last couple of trips there, all they had was Poppy and MFF. Ugh. But I do sympathize with those who don't have an outlet anywhere near them...that uber-blows.
  7. I read on here not to long ago that there is a new floor set within the next week. I think they mentioned Penelope. Im not 100% sure though
  8. ^^ agree, they should open more outlets around the world
  9. ^^^ Yea, we don't even have one in AZ! What's with that? TBH, I am a little tired of seeing the Poppy in the FP stores - they have so much of it. No offense to the Poppy lovers... :shame:
  10. Yeah..that way we could all get more of what we love..
  11. I love the Poppy, but I am soooo ready for a new floorset!
  12. coach4jen that bag in your you how much? I have my Poppy so time to move on.
  13. It's $348 right now online. I am going this week to see if my boutique has it so I can try it and see how it feels. I love this look and I think the strap drop will be just right...I hope!
  14. I think Poppy will be around for a long time, both in the outlets and at FP. It's a money least half of the reveals on this board are Poppy related items, so can you imagine how much Poppy the mass market is eating up?

    But, I do agree. I would love to see new things. I'm actually tired of Madison everything as well. I want something NEW!! Madison has had a steady run for a long time now--starting with Julianne and Sabrina. I want a new corner stone! But, I believe, just like with Poppy, Coach is making bank and why fix what isn't broken.

    Ugh, maybe summer will bring new things....a girl can hope!!
  15. Since I just started going to the outlet, I'm not tired of poopy, necessarily, though I'm really just wanting the pocket hobo which as far as I can tell isn't at the outlet. There are a few things on the site still that I really want, I hope they make it to the outlet soon!