Anyone else tired of business casual?

  1. OK, I might be itching for more new clothes...or a career change...or on the brink of 40 (next May!) and wanting to dress in a more sophisticated way again...many reasons for this post I'm sure so TIA for indulging me.

    When I finished university and started my career it was the late 1980s and everyone in general was buttoned up and formal. Later, I made a switch into IT and the 1990s rolled along. At first everyone gave me cr*p for my uppity formal workwear and I slowly started dressing down into polo shirts and khakis. Now I can go to work in jeans and a t-shirt on most days...and I work around a lot of people where it's a miracle if they wear shoes! Not that I look down on that...these are talented people who are probably multi-millionaires compared to me.

    12 years later, I'm getting over the whole casual thing! I'm craving a skirt, hosiery and killer pumps. Dressing up and wowing the crowd at a presentation. Is anyone else feeling this or is it just me? :s
  2. Amen...I work in IT, in the world of Polo shirts, and Khakis...and that's if I'm lucky! Every once in a while I dress up for fun...or if I have a presentation I do but that just gets comments from all the guys...ugh...and the worst is when they wear ratty polo shirts, stained khakis, and gross hiking boots...YICK! We aren't quite as casual as jeans and t-shirts here (but that would be an improvment...I could live with wearing killer jeans and with pumps every day:love:).

    But yes...I hear it so wrong to want to be pretty and sexy and sophisticated?

    I feel you!
  3. I just say no to business casual! I wear jackets and heels whenever I want and I love it.
  4. I like business casual in the summer, b/c it just gets so hot here and suits and hose are just not comfortable. But I never wear jeans or khakis, normally just a skirt and shirt for business casual. We are back to formal wear now and I love it!
  5. I'll drink to that! Khaki pants and a polo do not particularly look good on women, so I continue to rock my skirts and twin sets/sweaters on Fridays.
  6. My company's dresscode is business casual, but it's NOTHING like khakis and such. In fact, we HAVE to at least wear dress pants or blazers. Friday is when we are allowed to wear khakis and jeans, even then we're never allowed to wear shorts of flip-flops or tanktops and such. So I think my company's definition of Business Casual is basically Business Formal WITHOUT the tie.

    Frankly, I'd prefer going to work in jeans. No khakis or shorts, but jeans would be nice. I notice that I can sneak in an extra 15 minutes of sleep on casual days, and I LOVE the 15 minutes. Oh and I'm a big fan of fitted turtleneck with jeans. I like casual as long as it's stylish and tasteful. I hate it when ppl start dressing sloppy.
  7. Kou, that's a good casual can mean any number of things! We've had to specify "no jeans, no ties" on a few external events so there wasn't any confusion. Otherwise, it's just about anything except for tank tops and short shorts.

    Whenever I see someone dressed up around here, I assume they're here for a job interview ;) .

    I guess the grass is always greener...I used to be so happy getting to wear jeans to work all the I'm over it for the most part :shrugs: . ITA, dressing sloppy at work is the worst and so disrespectful! Some of these'd think they had just come back from camping or something :rolleyes: .