Anyone else tired of black handbags and adding colour to their collection?

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  1. Personally I am tired of black. I have a beautiful black prada and I noticed that I am drawn to colour. Anyone else adding more colour to their collection. Just bought a green large gucci boston . I find a bit of colour makes you stand out from the crowd...any thoughts on it...
  2. Yes, I am. After years of wearing black bags exclusively, I've added a bright red bag and a nice neutral brown. A green bag is on its way, too. I've also gotten more expressive with my accessories choices, and have wallets, wristlets, and other doodads of a variety of colors.
    Makes it hard to coordinate with outfits, but since I tend to stick to simple, basic colors, it's not impossible.
  3. Is Red The New Black For This Season????
  4. I'm actually going in the opposite direction! But I've had LOTS of color in my purses up until recently. I think I have also shifted to black because I've bought more "classic" styles like a Chanel Reissue and a Chanel Luxury Bowler. I'm contemplating getting a BV and I think black might be the way to go...

    So my new thought is if it's a trendier bag, I want color. If it's a classic, black or red might be the best way to go for me.
  5. Red sounds like a good choice since there's a lot of black and charcoal grey in clothing--it's a great accent piece. In terms of materials, I think patent is HOT for fall.
  6. At this moment, I have no black bags. Alot of browns and one red bag.
  7. I don't own a black bag because I like other colours better but I'm planning on buying a black bag somewhere in the future.
  8. I'm obsessed with brown bags, so I need a black bag. But I love a splash of color every once in a while. Lately, I've been thinking about red.:girlsigh:
  9. I added you think it is a nice shade of green..I love this shade of green..nice change from black and brown don't you think
  10. :nuts: That is a gorgeous bag!:love:
  11. guccci gal - that is a beautiful bag ... love love the color! I been buying too many brown bags so I definitely need some color in my collection! I've been lusting for a red bag and have my eye on a rouge VIF Bbag!
  12. Most of my color bags are the trendier ones and my classics are the black, brown and neutral colors. In the last 6 months, I purchased a white Bbag and mandarin Epi and most recently a black Chanel. Maybe it is a summer/winter thing!
  13. Thanks...It is important to have a couple of good standard black bags in your collection then from there go for colour. My first leather Prada which I love is in black...each bag should be a work of art...I love colour and neutals too
  14. I was actually just looking in my closet last night and I noticed that I don't have any black bags! So at the moment I am on the hunt for the perfect one.
  15. I've been in a very monochromatic mood (strangely!) so I'm gravitating towards black bags.... Black with gold hardware mostly!