Anyone else thinks this is insane?!

  1. Sorry if this is a double post but has anyone seen the vintage collection at First I think it's sort of pointless to "borrow" bags but this is just insane! There's a croc hermes gold hw for $1632/week=$4800/month. If you're a guest and not a member, it's $1,690.00/week=$6,010.00/month! Wouldn't it make sense to just save up money for a couple of months then buy one?!

    Ok, just my 2 cents.

    What do you think? Worth it?

  2. ^^I got an email from them today with the vintage links, and yeah, that much for a croc Birkin is obscene-- esp. because it's vintage, IMO.
  3. I think it's ridiculous, I rather save up and buy one.
  4. I'm not into the "renting" thing myself but it does seems a little insane to pay that much for one week, big event or not.

    IMO, that site appeals to the "IT" bag crowd more than the H crowd. If you were going to go for an "IT" bag, renting makes more sense.
  5. I don't really get the definition of "Vintage" Birkin from 2004???!!!
  6. Seems like an awful lot to me... but to each his own, I suppose.
    I don't really get the "renting" thing either...
  7. After reading that new DELUXE book I can see how this company is trying to move in on the market of the people that just have to have a specific accessory hanging from their arm. I wouldn't ever go this route, but sadly I'm sure they aren't at a loss for people that are more than willing to pay this price for a bit of "luxury".
  8. Ugh, why not just buy one, kwim? I know a girl that borrowed a damier azur LV speedy from BBS-- it had patina but was in good used shape-- and when she offered to "steal" it and asked what she would have to pay for it, they wanted her to pay a full $100 more than the bag costs NEW on ELUX! They said $725! For a Damier Azur Speedy 30!

    No thanks. lol.
  9. crazy price. can buy a nonexotice leather birkin with one week rent.
  10. i don't get whom they're marketing to -- seems to me that anyone who has $1700 in the budget to blow on a one- week croc birkin rental probably has the budget to buy one in the first place.
  11. Weird and and the price is insane
  12. I wouldn't want to borrow any bag (wouldn't be so proud if it is not mine) and pay that much money?? No way. It is totally insane! :nogood:
  13. :wtf::shocked::weird:
  14. Um, no thanks. That's a ridiculous amount of money to rent a bag. WTF.

    ITA, dq. Why not just buy it if you're willing to pay that much per week?
  15. The whole idea behind that website is silly to me, honestly. That being said, I sure wish I had thought of it before they did!! LOL